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Long-lasting changes in stress-induced corticosterone response and anxiety-like behaviors as a consequence of neonatal maternal separation in Long–Evans rats
Having maternal separation results in a long-lasting increase in anxiety-like behaviors that occurs in a sex-dependent manner, and it is confirmed that MS males oversecrete corticosterone (CORT; 2.5-5 times) in response to mild handling stress. Expand
Pharmacologic characterization of the sensitization to the rate-decreasing effects of naltrexone induced by acute opioid pretreatment in rats.
  • J. Adams, S. Holtzman
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of pharmacology and experimental…
  • 1 May 1990
The sensitization to naltrexone induced by acute opioid pretreatment was a stereoselective, opioid-specific effect, and appeared to be mediated primarily by a mu-opioid mechanism. Expand
Metabolism and disposition of methylphenidate-14C: studies in man and animals.
MEPH- 14 C·HCl was found to be extensively metabolized in man, dog, rat and mouse, and pronounced species differences in the metabolism of the drug were found. Expand
Qualitative differences in the discriminative stimulus effects of low and high doses of caffeine in the rat.
The discriminative effects of 10 mg/kg of caffeine appear to derive from a state of behavioral arousal, possibly mediated by catecholamines, and parallel the subjective effects produced by low doses of caffeine in humans. Expand
Assessment of relative intrinsic activity of mu-opioid analgesics in vivo by using beta-funaltrexamine.
Fentanyl and methadone have higher intrinsic efficacies than do morphine and levorphanol, and a strategy used widely in vitro was applied successfully in vivo to assess relative intrinsic activities of a series of mu-opioid agonists. Expand
D1 and D2 dopamine receptor antagonists block caffeine-induced stimulation of locomotor activity in rats
The results suggest that the locomotor stimulant effect of caffeine, like that of d-amphetamine, is mediated through dopaminergic systems; both D1 and D2 receptors appear to be involved. Expand
Periadolescent male but not female rats have higher motor activity in response to morphine than do adult rats
Little has been done to investigate the effects of opioid exposure during adolescence. First we determined behavioral differences in response to acutely administered morphine between periadolescentExpand
Quantification of the analgesic activity of narcotic antagonists by a modified hot-plate procedure.
Results are dose-related, quantifiable, reproducible, of a large magnitude and specific, and a low temperature hot plate is recommended for evaluating the analgesic activity of narcotic antagonists in the rat. Expand
Development of tolerance to the analgesic activity of mu agonists after continuous infusion of morphine, meperidine or fentanyl in rats.
The RP of drugs with low intrinsic activity was lower than the RP of high efficacy drugs, and the role of intrinsic activity in the ability of mu-opioid agonists to produce tolerance to the analgesic effects of other mu agonists was investigated. Expand
Changes in Urination/Defecation, Auditory Startle Response, and Startle-Induced Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rats Undergoing Morphine Withdrawal: Similarities and Differences between Acute and Chronic
Differences in withdrawal signs between acute and chronic dependence suggest that the neural substrates that mediate those particular components of the withdrawal syndrome are affected differently in the two states of dependence. Expand