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A 130,000-year-old archaeological site in southern California, USA.
The earliest dispersal of humans into North America is a contentious subject, and proposed early sites are required to meet the following criteria for acceptance: (1) archaeological evidence is foundExpand
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Proteomic analysis of a pleistocene mammoth femur reveals more than one hundred ancient bone proteins.
We used high-sensitivity, high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry to shotgun sequence ancient protein remains extracted from a 43 000 year old woolly mammoth ( Mammuthus primigenius ) bone preservedExpand
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Source determination of White River Group silicates from two archaeological sites in the Great Plains
There are three known source area for WRGS (White River Group Silicates) : Flattopp Butte in northeastern Colorado, Table Mountain in east-central Wyoming, and the White River Badlands of SouthExpand
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Radiocarbon Ages of Soils and Charcoal in Late Wisconsinan Loess, South-Central Nebraska
Abstract The Farmdale Soil occurs below late Wisconsinan loess throughout the U.S. Midwest. At the La Sena site in the central Great Plains, humates in the Farmdale Interstadial Soil have a correctedExpand
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Taphonomy of two last glacial maximum mammoth sites in the central Great Plains of North America: A preliminary report on La Sena and Lovewell
Abstract Two mammoth sites from the central Great Plains of North America, each containing one adult Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi), were excavated from Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) loess andExpand
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Neutron activation analysis of stone from the Chadron Formation and a Clovis Site on the Great Plains
Abstract Cryptocrystalline silicates from the Chadron Formation were widely used by prehistoric human groups in the Great Plains of North America. There are two documented quarry areas: Flattop ButteExpand
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Broken Bones and Hammerstones at the Cerutti Mastodon Site: A Reply to Haynes
ABSTRACT Haynes [2017 “The Cerutti Mastodon.” PaleoAmerica 3 (3): 196–199] criticizes numerous aspects of our analysis of the Cerutti Mastodon (CM) site, but central among his points is the claimExpand
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The age and taphonomy of mammoths at Lovewell Reservoir, Jewell County, Kansas, USA
Abstract Remains of five mammoths have been excavated along the north shore of Lovewell Reservoir on White Rock Creek, Jewell County, Kansas. Two additional mammoths have been recorded as surfaceExpand
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The Eckles Clovis Site, 14JW4: A Clovis Site in Northern Kansas
Abstract Clovis archaeological sites in the central Great Plains are rare. A surface assemblage of Clovis lithics from the Eckles Site in north central Kansas can therefore make a significantExpand
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