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On the discovery of new elements (IUPAC/IUPAP Provisional Report)
Abstract Almost thirty years ago the criteria that are currently used to verify claims for the discovery of a new element were set down by the comprehensive work of a Transfermium Working Group, TWG,Expand
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Synthesis and Properties of Superheavy Elements
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On Beyond Uranium: Journey to the End of the Periodic Table
The Landscape. Elements Created in Stars. Synthetic Elements. Elements made with Light Ion Beams form 'Small' Cyclotrons. Hot Fusion and Controversial Discoveries - Elements 102 to 106 6. Cold FusionExpand
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Studies of superheavy elements-status and prospects
The recent progress in experimental work for the exploration of superheavy elements resulted in the identification of the elements 110 to 112 at GSI Darmstadt and gave evidence for the synthesis ofExpand
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Exploring the island of superheavy elements
A collaboration of Russian and US physicists has created the superheavy element 117, an experimental achievement that fills in the final gap on the list of observed elements up to element 118.
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New elements produced at GSI
In two series of experiments at SHIP, six new elements (Z=107–112) were synthesized via fusion reactions using lead or bismuth targets and 1n-deexcitation channels. The isotopes were unambiguouslyExpand
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