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Sharp rate of average decay of the Fourier transform of a bounded set
AbstractEstimates for the decay of Fourier transforms of measures have extensive applications in numerous problems in harmonic analysis and convexity including the distribution of lattice points inExpand
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Shear Induced Micellar Structures
Aqueous solutions of cationic surfactants with strongly binding counterions show the striking phenomenon of flow induced phase transitions. In this paper we discuss new results which have beenExpand
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Review of even element super-heavy nuclei and search for element 120
Abstract.The reaction 54Cr$ + $248Cm was investigated at the velocity filter SHIP at GSI, Darmstadt, with the intention to study production and decay properties of isotopes of element 120. ThreeExpand
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Shear-induced transitions in micellar solutions
Shear stress can change the micellar structures which are present in surfactant solutions. We summarize shear-induced phenomena, which have been observed in micellar systems. Results on fiveExpand
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Second experiment at VASSILISSA separator on the synthesis of the element 112
Abstract.The upgraded separator VASSILISSA was used to confirm results of previous experiments on the synthesis of the heavy isotopes of the element 112 obtained in complete-fusion reactions of 48CaExpand
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Shell structure of the heaviest elements
Abstract The status of experimental and theoretical studies of the heaviest elements is reviewed. The single-particle structure of the heaviest nuclei with 95⩽ Z ⩽111 and 149⩽ N ⩽162 is investigatedExpand
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Manifestly Gauge-Invariant General Relativistic Perturbation Theory: II. FRW Background and First Order
In our companion paper we identified a complete set of manifestly gauge-invariant observables for general relativity. This was possible by coupling the system of gravity and matter to pressurelessExpand
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New results are presented on the influence of the structure of surfactant headgroups on the ability of micelles to form shear-induced structures (SIS). Flow birefringence and electric birefringenceExpand
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The reaction 48Ca + 248Cm → 296116* studied at the GSI-SHIP
The synthesis of element 116 in fusion-evaporation reactions of a 48Ca beam with radioactive 248Cm targets was studied at the velocity filter SHIP of GSI in Darmstadt. At excitation energies of theExpand
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The identification of element 108
The major problems in the investigation of the heaviest elements at the upper end of the periodic table are the small formation cross sections which are far below the nanobarn region and their short halflives of the order of milliseconds. Expand
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