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Effect of Polyethyleneglycol (PEG) Chain on Cell Uptake of PEG-Modified Liposomes
It was suggested that the increase in liposome uptake into the tumor cell was induced by modification of PEG-lipids with apparent stability, and PEG 2,000-DPG, which had a high rate of residual P EG-Lipid on liposomal membrane depending on the re-uptake to lipOSomal membrane, met to this requirement.
Determination of the thickness of the fixed aqueous layer around polyethyleneglycol-coated liposomes.
A correlation was indicated to exist between the circulation time of liposomes and the thickness of the aqueous layer around the liposome and the electrical potential distributions near the membrane surfaces were shown to be different between adriamycin-encapsulatingliposomes with and without PEG coating.
Possibility of heat sterilization of liposomes.
It was suggested that sterilization of liposome by heating was practicable as well as that by filtration, if the liposomes were prepared as follows: the chargedliposomes made of lipids with low POV's were dispersed in a sugar or polyol solution adjusted to nearly pH 6.5, where the amount of dissolved oxygen was minimized.