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[Retrospective analysis of the relationship between HUS incidence and antibiotics among patients with Escherichia coli O157 enterocolitis in the Sakai outbreak].
Findings indicate that the suitable antibiotics can prevent the development of E. coli O157-associated HUS in children infected with this infection in Sakai City.
Lysine malabsorption syndrome: a new type of transport defect.
Oral loading test of amino acids revealed an imparied absorption of lysine and normal absorption of arginine, ornithine, and cystine in the intestine, which indicates a specific defect in transport ofLysine inThe intestine as well as in the renal tubule.
Prenatal diagnosis and fetal pathology of Niemann-Pick disease.
Biochemical and histological findings of the NPD fetus indicate that there is the progress of the disorder already in the midtrimester of gestation.
Prenatal diagnosis and fetal pathology of Tay-Sachs disease.
Findings of Tay-Sachs fetus suggest that the disease proceeds early in fetal period, because the values of hexoxaminidase A in the cultured cells were well in accord with those in serum from the consequently bord children.
Prenatal diagnosis of the Hurler syndrome: mucopolysaccharide pattern in amniotic fluid.
Prenatal diagnosis was successfully accomplished by investigating mucopolysaccharide pattern in amniotic fluid for two women who had previously borne children affected with the Hurler syndrome.
Free amino acid levels in amniotic fluid of fetuses affected with Lowe's syndrome or Phenylketonuria.
Amniotic fluid obtained from a pregnant woman who had previously borne a child with hyperalaninemia with pyruvicemia due to a deficiency of pyruvate carboxylase in the liver revealed elevated levels of most of free amino acids, suggesting a possibility of antenatal diagnosis of Lowe's syndrome by amino acid analysis of amniotics.
[Hurler's syndrome, Scheie's syndrome and Hunter's syndrome].