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Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth and their families: disclosure of sexual orientation and its consequences.
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youngsters, aged 14-21 and living at home, were studied for patterns of disclosure of sexual orientation to families. Three-quarters had told at least one parent, moreExpand
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The impact of victimization on the mental health and suicidality of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths.
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths 15 to 21 years old were studied to determine the impact of verbal abuse, threat of attacks, and assault on their mental health, including suicide. Family support andExpand
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Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth in community settings: Personal challenges and mental health problems
Studied 194 lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth aged 21 and younger who attended programs in 14 community centers to determine the personal challenges they face due to their sexual orientation and theirExpand
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Incidence and Mental Health Impact of Sexual Orientation Victimization of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youths in High School
This study examined victimization during high school based on sexual orientation of 350 lesbian, gay, or bisexual (lgb) youths aged 21 and younger. Experiences of direct victimization as well asExpand
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Peer victimization and attitudes about violence during early adolescence.
Examined roles for attitudes about violence as a possible influence on the frequency of commonplace aggression toward peers among 1,033 adolescents in the 7th through 9th grades. The peerExpand
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African American undergraduates on a predominantly White campus: Academic factors, social networks, and campus climate.
Despite increasing numbers of African American young adults beginning college, fewer complete their degrees than their White counterparts. The most recent analysis of the American Council onExpand
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Aspects of mental health among older lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults
Abstract This study examined aspects of mental health among 416 lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults aged 60 to 91 years old, attending social and recreational programs. Mental health indicators wereExpand
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Social support networks of lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults 60 years of age and older.
The social support networks of 416 lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults aged 60 to 91 years were examined. Participants averaged 6 people in their support networks, most of whom were close friends. TheExpand
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The Growth of Structural Equation Modeling: 1994-2001
This study examines the growth and development of structural equation modeling (SEM) from the years 1994 to 2001. The synchronous development and growth of the Structural Equation Modeling journalExpand
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Predictors of Suicide Attempts Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth
This research identified predictors of past suicide attempts in 194 lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth, 15 through 21 years of age, who attended social and recreational groups in urban communityExpand
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