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State of the world 2019: autocratization surges – resistance grows
ABSTRACT This article analyses the state of democracy in the world in 2019. We demonstrate that the “third wave of autocratization” is accelerating and deepening. The dramatic loss of eightExpand
The Dictator's Digital Toolkit: Explaining Variation in Internet Filtering in Authoritarian Regimes
Following its global diffusion during the last decade, the Internet was expected to become a liberation technology and a threat for autocratic regimes by facilitating collective action. Recently,Expand
Deterring Dictatorship: Explaining Democratic Resilience since 1900
We recognize support by the Swedish Research Council, Grant 2018-01614, PI: Anna Luhrmann; by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation to Wallenberg Academy Fellow Staffan I. Lindberg, Grant 2018.0144;Expand
In the Spotlight: Analyzing Sequential Attention Effects in Protest Reporting
During waves of contention, international media attention can be of crucial importance for activists and protest participants. However, media attention is a scarce resource and the competition overExpand
How democracies prevail: democratic resilience as a two-stage process
The results suggest that democracies are more resilient when strong judicial constraints on the executive are present and democratic institutions were strong in the past, and economic development is only associated with resilience to onset of autocratization, not to resilience against breakdown once autocrats begun. Expand
Pulling the Strings? The Strategic Use of Pro-Government Mobilization in Authoritarian Regimes
Protest against authoritarian rule is a well-studied phenomenon in the social sciences, but mass rallies in favor of authoritarian regimes have received only limited scholarly attention. WhileExpand
A Framework for Understanding Regime Transformation: Introducing the ERT Dataset
This research project was principally supported by European Research Council, Consolidator Grant 724191, PI: Staffan I. Lindberg; but also by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation to WallenbergExpand
Observing Many Researchers Using the Same Data and Hypothesis Reveals a Hidden Universe of Uncertainty
How does noise generated by researcher decisions undermine the credibility of science? We test this by observing all decisions made among 73 research teams as they independently conduct studies onExpand
The Crowdsourced Replication Initiative: Investigating Immigration and Social Policy Preferences. Executive Report.
In an era of mass migration, social scientists, populist parties and social movements raise concerns over the future of immigration-destination societies. What impacts does this have on policy andExpand
Thin-skinned leaders: regime legitimation, protest issues, and repression in autocracies
The literature on autocracies has argued that repression of protest is either a result of the political environment in which protest occurs, or depends on particular characteristics of the protestExpand