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Writing and Colonialism in Northern Ghana: The Encounter Between the Lodagaa and the 'World on Paper'
This book presents a new perspective on colonialism in Africa. Drawing on work from a variety of subjects and disciplines - from the ancient Mediterranean to colonial Spain, and from anthropology toExpand
Disguising Chiefs and God as History: Questions on the Acephalousness of LoDagaa Politics and Religion
L'A. examine deux periodes dans l'historiographie et l'ethnographie des LoDagaa du Nord du Ghana et analyse les similitudes entre ces deux periodes. A la fin des annees 1920, l'institution de chef deExpand
Black experience and the empire
1. Blacks and the British Empire: An Introduction 2. West Africans and the Atlantic 1500-1800 3. Through a Looking Glass: Olaudah Equiano and African Experiences in the British Slave Trade 4. TheExpand
Catullus 60: Lesbia, Medea, Clodia, Scylla
Although Catullus 60 is widely dismissed as an incomplete scrap tacked on to the end of the polymetra, it is a complete and ingenious poem that contains an erudite and punning allusion to Euripides’Expand
Archilochus 222W and 39W: Allusion and Reception, Hesiod and Catullus
Abstract This article is a contribution to our understanding of how Archilochean poetics may be situated in the longer poetic tradition. In examining two fragments that have received littleExpand
Pirates and Poachers: Race, the State of Exception, and Competing Sovereignties in Africa
This paper examines discursive and legal connections between campaigns against Barbary and Somali piracy. At the end of the 19th century, the figure of the black pirate receded from the WesternExpand
(D.) Mulroy (trans.) Sophocles'Antigone. A Verse Translation with Introduction and Notes . Pp. liv + 96.Madison, WI and London:The University of Wisconsin Press,2013. Paper, US$9.95.
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  • 20 March 2014
‘My art discovered signs that tell the tale’, says Tiresias (998) and perhaps every hopeful translator. M., an experienced practitioner who has produced translations of Greek Lyric, Catullus, HoraceExpand
Chapter Five. Suppressing Knowledge