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Sex-reversed mice: XX and XO males.
An autosomally inherited condition is described in the mouse which causes genetic females to develop as phenotypic males. XX males are phenotypically normal with the exception of small testes, which,
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Reproductive lifespan in irradiated and unirradiated chromosomally XO mice.
Lifetime reproductive performance was studied in 50 sib-pairs of female mice, one member of each pair chromosomally XX and the other XO . Twenty-five pairs were irradiated with 25 rad X-rays at 10Expand
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Do the H-2 and T-Loci of the Mouse have a Function in the Haploid Phase of Sperm ?
IT is still uncertain whether there is any gene activity in the haploid phase of mammalian sperm1, after meiosis in the maturing spermatids and spermatozoa. Two loci at which haploid activityExpand
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