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An efficient authentication and key agreement protocol for 4G (LTE) networks
We propose an efficient AKA protocol based on secret key to provide a strong protection to user identity and generate stronger shared key with less computational overhead. Expand
ECG biometric authentication based on non-fiducial approach using kernel methods
A novel non-fiducial verification framework for ECG biometric verification using kernel methods to reduce both high autocorrelation vectors' dimensionality and recognition system after denoising signals of 52 subjects with Discrete Wavelet Transform. Expand
Approximate Linear Minimum Mean Square Error estimation based on Channel Quality Indicator feedback in LTE systems
The fast fading channel produced by the fast user mobility requires a powerful channel estimation to report the most accurate channel status. Expand
A Detailed Study on Image Denoising Algorithms by Using the Discrete Wavelet Transformation
The seeking for an efficient image denoising methods is still a valid challenge at the researches field of image analysis and processing. In spite of the sophistication and extreme researches in theExpand
Crosstalk-Aware Multiple Error Detection Scheme Based on Two-Dimensional Parities for Energy Efficient Network on Chip
Achieving reliable operation under the influence of deep-submicrometer noise sources including crosstalk noise at low voltage operation is a major challenge for network on chip links. Expand
A new cooperative spectrum sensing scheme based on discrete cosine transform
A new cooperative spectrum sensing scheme is proposed based on discrete cosine transform periodogram. Expand
Adaptive Multibit Crosstalk-Aware Error Control Coding Scheme for On-Chip Communication
The presence of different noise sources and continuous increase in crosstalk in the deep submicrometer technology raised concerns for on-chip communication reliability, leading to the incorporation of c Crosstalk avoidance techniques in error control coding schemes. Expand
An overview of spectrum sensing techniques for cognitive LTE and LTE-A radio systems
Spectrum sensing for LTE and LTE-A systems based on energy detection and cyclostationary feature detection . Expand
An efficient quorum-based rendezvous scheme for multi-radio cognitive radio networks
We propose a deterministic multi-radio rendezvous scheme that exploits the combinatorial features of grid quorum systems. Expand
A low power multiplexer based pass transistor logic full adder
In this paper, a high-speed low-power full adder design using multiplexer based pass transistor logic featuring full-swing output is proposed. Expand