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Effect of early implementation of electrical muscle stimulation to prevent muscle atrophy and weakness in patients after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
EMS implemented during the early rehabilitation stage is effective in maintaining and increasing muscle thickness and strength in the operated limb.
Bilateral phlegmasia dolens associated with Trousseau's syndrome: a case report.
A rare case of bilateral phlegmasia dolens associated with Trousseau's syndrome is experienced, and through this case, it is hoped to learn more about the pathogenesis and clinical treatment measures.
Effects of trunk rotation on scapular kinematics and muscle activity during humeral elevation.
Therapists should consider the importance of trunk rotation, which may be the key to developing more efficient rehabilitation programs, as it affects scapular kinematics and muscle activities during humeral elevation.
Effect of scapular stabilization during cross-body stretch on the hardness of infraspinatus, teres minor, and deltoid muscles: An ultrasonic shear wave elastography study.
The results suggest that manual scapular stabilization during cross-body stretch effectively decreases the hardness of the infraspinatus muscle.
Comparison of the structural validity of three Balance Evaluation Systems Test in older adults with femoral or vertebral fracture.
The four-factor Mini-BESTest model shows good structural validity in older adults with femoral or vertebral fracture and Evaluating dynamic balance by focusing on 4 components may help therapists in making clinical decisions.
Body Characteristics of Professional Japanese Keirin Cyclists: Flexibility, Pelvic Tilt, and Muscle Strength
OBJECTIVE: To identify muscle imbalances and pelvic tilt with implications for low back pain in Keirin cyclists. METHODS: We enrolled 16 Keirin cyclists (mean age, 32.2 ± 8.6 years) and 16 college
Effects of two stretching methods on shoulder range of motion and muscle stiffness in baseball players with posterior shoulder tightness: a randomized controlled trial.
The modified cross-body stretch and modified sleeper stretch are effective for increasing shoulder internal rotation and horizontal adduction ROM and decreasing muscle stiffness of the infraspinatus or teres minor.
The difference in passive tension applied to the muscles composing the hamstrings - Comparison among muscles using ultrasound shear wave elastography.
Passive tension applied to semimembranosus is higher than the other muscles when the hamstring muscle is passively elongated, and passive tension applications to the hamstrings increases with anterior tilt of the pelvis.
Effect of Capacitive and Resistive electric transfer on haemoglobin saturation and tissue temperature
The effect on haemoglobin saturation was higher in theCRet group than in the HP group, and the CRet intervention warmed deep tissue more effectively than HP intervention.
The effect of trunk rotation during shoulder exercises on the activity of the scapular muscle and scapular kinematics.
The findings suggest that shoulder exercises with trunk rotation in this study may be effective in patients who have difficulty in enhancing LT activity and suppressing excessive activation of the UT or in cases in which a decreased scapular external rotation or posterior tilt is observed.