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A Fuzzy Based Decision Support System for Evaluating Land Suitability and Selecting Crops
We present a fuzzy-based Decision Support System (DSS) for evaluating land suitability and selecting crops to be planted. Expand
Development of user acceptance model for electronic medical record system
EMR acceptance by medical personnel is significantly influenced by trust, performance expectancy, privacy risk, social influence, motivation to help others and facilitating conditions. Expand
Structuring Models and Characteristics of Informal Sector Traders in Indonesia (Case Study in Informal Sector Jakarta City, Indonesia)
Socio-economic aspects that occur in urban communities to create activities that are formal and informal that is the dualistic nature of the urban. Formal activities often associated with activitiesExpand
Zonation of Earthquake Building Damage Hazard Area Using Kohonen Neural Network (NN) and Kriging Algorithm
The research that has been done aims to develop local hazard zoning due to earthquake damage to buildings using Kohonen NN and kriging algorithm. The data used in this research consists of data ofExpand
Assessment of Building Damage Hazard Caused by Earthquake: Integration of FNN and GIS
Abstract The objective of this research is to develop an integrated system that implements FNN and GIS to evaluate the building damage hazard caused by earthquake and to calculate the economic lossesExpand
Three-Stage Fuzzy Rule-Based Model for Earthquake Non-Engineered Building House Damage Hazard Determination
State of the art of Indonesian agriculture and the introduction of innovation for added value of cassava
The dramatic population increase with rapid industrialization in developing countries has placed great strains on food and energy supplies. This is also the case for Indonesia. Despite having fertileExpand
Group Decision Support System to Selection Tourism Object in Bali Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Copeland Score Model
We combine the GDSS framework with AHP and Copeland Score Model to rank popular tourism object in Bali. Expand
Indonesian Defense Industry Model Concept: A Study Framework for Defense Industry Building
Defense industry plays a role in supporting and strengthening the national defense, especially in the infrastructure and technologies that include defense equipment. In addition to technology, theExpand