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Dualities and Emergent Gravity: Gauge/Gravity Duality
  • S. Haro
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 25 January 2015
In this paper I develop a framework for relating dualities and emergence: two notions that are close to each other but also exclude one another. I adopt the conception of duality as 'isomorphism',Expand
Spacetime and Physical Equivalence
  • S. Haro
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 12 July 2016
In this paper I begin to lay out a conceptual scheme for: (i) analysing dualities as cases of theoretical equivalence; (ii) assessing when cases of theoretical equivalence are also cases of physicalExpand
On a supersymmetric completion of the R 4 term in IIB supergravity
We analyze the possibility of constructing a supersymmetric invariant that contains the $R^4$ term among its components as a superpotential term in type IIB on-shell superspace. We consider a scalarExpand
Dual gravitons in AdS 4 /CFT 3 and the holographic Cotton tensor
We argue that gravity theories in AdS4 are holographically dual to either of two three-dimensional CFT's: the usual Dirichlet CFT1 where the fixed graviton acts as a source for the stress-energyExpand
Large N Expansion of q-Deformed Two-Dimensional Yang-Mills Theory and Hecke Algebras
We derive the q-deformation of the chiral Gross-Taylor holomorphic string large N expansion of two dimensional SU(N) Yang-Mills theory. Delta functions on symmetric group algebras are replaced by theExpand
Emergence in Holographic Scenarios for Gravity
‘Holographic’ relations between theories have become an important theme in quantum gravity research. These relations entail that a theory without gravity is equivalent to a gravitational theory withExpand
Towards a Theory of Emergence for the Physical Sciences
I begin to develop a framework for emergence in the physical sciences. Namely, I propose to explicate ontological emergence in terms of the notion of 'novel reference', and of an account ofExpand
Brownian Motion, Chern-Simons Theory, and 2d Yang-Mills
We point out a precise connection between Brownian motion, Chern-Simons theory on S 3 , and 2d Yang-Mills theory on the cylinder. The probability of reunion for N vicious walkers on a line gives theExpand
Chern-Simons theory, 2d Yang-Mills, and Lie algebra wanderers
  • S. Haro
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 11 December 2004
Abstract We work out the relation between Chern–Simons, 2d Yang–Mills on the cylinder, and Brownian motion. We show that for the unitary, orthogonal and symplectic groups, various observables inExpand
The Off-shell M5-brane and Non-Perturbative Gauge Theory
M5-branes wrapping a holomorphic curve in a Calabi-Yau manifold can be used to construct four-dimensional N = 1 gauge theories. In this paper we will consider M5-brane configurations corresponding toExpand