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Spatio-temporal impact of climate change on the activity and voltinism of the spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus
The spruce bark beetle Ips typographus is one of the major insect pests of mature Norway spruce forests. In this study, a model describing the temperature-dependent thresholds for swarming activityExpand
Impact of climate change on the population dynamics of Ips typographus in southern Sweden
The results indicate that temperature increase will have a step-wise effect on the population dynamics of I. typographus in southern Sweden, and the temperature regime during autumn will therefore have a decisive impact on the size of the swarming population next spring. Expand
Modelling the potential impact of global warming on Ips typographus voltinism and reproductive diapause
It is shown that higher temperatures can result in increased frequency and length of late summer swarming events, producing a second generation in southern Scandinavia and a third generation in lowland parts of central Europe. Expand
Living with the enemy: parasites and pathogens of the ladybird Harmonia axyridis
An overview of the parasites and pathogens of coccinellids with a particular focus on H. axyridis as a host is provided and it is predicted that H.Axyridis could benefit from both enemy release and EICA within the introduced range but require further empirical evidence. Expand
Seasonal activity of Ips typographus L. (Col., Scolytidae) in Denmark1
Studies on the seasonal activity of Ips typographus L. in Denmark show that emergence of the hibernating population normally occurs early May, followed by main spring flight when the air temperatureExpand
Fungal symbionts of siricid woodwasps: isolation techniques and identification
European woodwasps of the genera Sirex and Urocerus have symbiotic relationships with basidiomycetes, Amylostereum chailletii and A. areolatum, and isolation of the fungi from wood and fruitbodies is described briefly. Expand
Entomopathogenic fungi recorded from the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis.
The larval stage was most susceptible to fungal infection, as confirmed through bioassay with I. farinosa, which is the first record of entomopathogenic fungi infecting larvae and pupae. Expand
Observations on the activity and development of Pityogenes chalcographus L. (Col., Scolytidae) in stands of Norway spruce in Denmark
Exploitation of thinnings in young stands of Norway spruce for the production of chips necessitates a period of seasoning of the felled trees in the stand. This infers a potential risk of bark beetleExpand
A new species of Nalepella Keifer (Acarina: Eriophyoidea: Phytoptidae) from Abies in Denmark.
Nalepella danica n. sp. found on Abies nordmanniana in Denmark is described. The species is a serious pest of Christmas trees, and notes on its occurrence, biology, and damage of the needles areExpand
Geographical distribution and host range of entomophthorales infecting the green spruce aphid Elatobium abietinum Walker in Iceland.
This study is the first to record epizootics caused by N. fresenii and En. Expand