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Context data in geo-referenced digital photo collections
We describe the contextual metadata that we automatically assemble for a photograph, given time and location, as well as a browser interface that utilizes that metadata. Expand
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[A study of food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis by analyzing the Japanese cases reported in the literature].
We surveyed and analyzed cases of food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA) in the Japanese literature. We found 167 cases which were reported as FDEIA since 1983. Analyzing these case,Expand
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Characterization of causative allergens for wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis sensitized with hydrolyzed wheat proteins in facial soap.
BACKGROUND In Japan, hydrolyzed wheat proteins (HWP) have been reported to cause wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (WDEIA) by transcutaneous sensitization using HWP-containing soap.Expand
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[Three cases of centipede allergy--analysis of cross reactivity with bee allergy].
BACKGROUND We experienced three cases of patients who suffered from systemic urticaria and systemic symptoms such as general fatigue and dyspnea which occurred just after the sting of centipede. TheExpand
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Cochineal dye-induced immediate allergy: Review of Japanese cases and proposed new diagnostic chart.
BACKGROUND Cochineal dye is used worldwide as a red coloring in foods, drinks, cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and drugs. The main component of the red color is carminic acid (CA). Carmine is an aluminum- orExpand
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Prevalences of specific IgE to wheat gliadin components in patients with wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis.
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Trends in non-melanoma skin cancer in Japan
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[Four cases of wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis with negative gluten cap-rast score].
BACKGROUND Either omega-5 gliadin or high molecular weight glutenin is known to be a major allergen in wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (WDEIA). It is generally considered that glutenExpand
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[Two cases of royal jelly allergy provoked the symptoms at the time of their first intake].
Two young women were suffered from several symptoms after the intake of royal jelly at their first time. According to the positive skin prick test reactions of raw royal jelly, royal jelly allergyExpand
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