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Patterns and Universals of Adult Romantic Attachment Across 62 Cultural Regions
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, a total of 17,804 participants from 62 cultural regions completedthe RelationshipQuestionnaire(RQ), a self-reportmeasure of adult
Culture, gender, and the self: variations and impact of social comparison processes.
This research on gender differences in self-construals involving 950 participants from 5 nations/cultures illustrates how variations in social comparison processes across cultures can explain why gender differences are stronger in Western cultures.
Sampling the process of autobiographical memory construction
In three autobiographical memory retrieval experiments participants reported the contents of consciousness to a probe presented at early and late points during retrieval. Classification of the
Patterns and universals of mate poaching across 53 nations: the effects of sex, culture, and personality on romantically attracting another person's partner.
It is concluded that human mate-poaching experiences are universally linked to sex, culture, and the robust influence of personal dispositions.
Overshadowing the Reminiscence Bump: Memories of a Struggle for Independence
We describe a study in which young and older groups of Bangladeshi participants recalled and dated autobiographical memories from across the lifespan. Memories were subsequently plotted in terms of
Initial psychological responses to Influenza A, H1N1 ("Swine flu")
Initial responses to Influenza A show large regional differences in anxiety, with Malaysians more anxious and more likely to reduce travel and to buy masks and food, and Europeans underestimated mortality of seasonal flu, and require more information about the protection given by seasonal flu inoculation.
A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Autobiographical Memory
Groups from Japan, China, Bangladesh, England, and the United States recalled, described, and dated specific autobiographical memories. When memories were plotted in terms of age-at-encoding highly
Life scripts for emotionally charged autobiographical memories: A cultural explanation of the reminiscence bump
It was suggested that the life scripts can be used as an alternative account for the reminiscence bump, for highly positive and occasionally for negative autobiographical memories.
Representations of swine flu: perspectives from a Malaysian pig farm
Examination of representations and risk perceptions associated with swine flu amongst 120 Malaysian pig farmers found particular societal “out-groups” (homosexuals, the homeless and prostitutes) to be at higher infection risk.
The transmission and stability of cultural life scripts: a cross-cultural study
It is found that life scripts are stable cognitive structures and that there are small cross-cultural differences in the valence and distribution of life script events, with the Australian life script containing more positive events and more events expected to occur before the age of 16.