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Exact EGB models for spherical static perfect fluids
We obtain a new exact solution to the field equations for a 5-dimensional spherically symmetric static distribution in the Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet modified theory of gravity. By using a transformation,
Compact objects in pure Lovelock theory
For static fluid interiors of compact objects in pure Lovelock gravity (involving ony one $N$th order term in the equation) we establish similarity in solutions for the critical odd and even $d=2N+1,
Universality of isothermal fluid spheres in Lovelock gravity
We show universality of isothermal fluid spheres in pure Lovelock gravity where the equation of motion has only one $N$th order term coming from the corresponding Lovelock polynomial action of degree
New models for perfect fluids in EGB gravity
We obtain new exact solutions to the field equations in the Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet (EGB) modified theory of gravity for a five-dimensional spherically symmetric static matter distribution. By using a
Role of pressure anisotropy on relativistic compact stars
We investigate a compact spherically symmetric relativistic body with anisotropic particle pressure profiles. The distribution possesses characteristics relevant to modeling compact stars within the
Deflection of light by black holes and massless wormholes in massive gravity
Weak gravitational lensing by black holes and wormholes in the context of massive gravity (Bebronne and Tinyakov, JHEP 0904:100, 2009) theory is studied. The particular solution examined is
Stellar modelling of isotropic Einstein–Maxwell perfect fluid spheres of embedding class one
It is indeed remarkable that while charged anisotropic models with the embedding class one property are abundant, there are no reports of the physically important isotropic case despite its
Shadow images of Kerr-like wormholes
The study of shadow continues to be a major source of insight into compact astrophysical objects. Depending on the nature of compact objects and due to the strong gravitational lensing effect that
Generalized spheroidal spacetimes in 5-D Einstein–Maxwell–Gauss–Bonnet gravity
The field equations for static EGBM gravity are obtained and transformed to an equivalent form through a coordinate redefinition. A form for one of the metric potentials that generalizes the