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Islam, Fatalism, and Medical Intervention: Lessons from Egypt on the Cultivation of Forbearance (Sabr) and Reliance on God (Tawakkul)
One of the most fundamental ways that religious devotion is held to be "antibiotechnology" is in its emphasis on submission to divine will. This article seeks to re-orient discussions of religiousExpand
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When the state and your kidneys fail: Political etiologies in an Egyptian dialysis ward
In this article, I describe how poor Egyptian kidney-disease patients understand and experience their illness in terms of Egypt's larger social, economic, and political ills. The suffering thatExpand
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Strength and vulnerability after Egypt's Arab Spring uprisings
Following the revolts that unseated Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, a contradictory discourse has emerged in which Egyptians imagine themselves to be resilient in body and spirit but also enfeebledExpand
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Gendering the Gift of Life: Family Politics and Kidney Donation in Egypt and Mexico
ABSTRACT In this article, we demonstrate how living kidney donation is a particularly gendered experience. We draw on anthropologists’ contributions to understanding the globalization of reproductiveExpand
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The Organ Transplant Debate in Egypt: A Social Anthropological Analysis
In this paper, I take the heated debate about the ethics of organ transplantation in Egypt, to ask why Egypt is the only Muslim country in the world that has, for the past three decades, been unableExpand
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Not quite dead: why Egyptian doctors refuse the diagnosis of death by neurological criteria
  • S. Hamdy
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Theoretical medicine and bioethics
  • 2 April 2013
Drawing on two years of ethnographic fieldwork in Egypt focused on organ transplantation, this paper examines the ways in which the “scientific” criteria of determining death in terms of brainExpand
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Egypt’s Popular Uprising and the Stakes of Medical Neutrality
Amidst the recent political uprisings in the Arab region, physicians and other healthcare workers have found themselves in the crossfire. This paper focuses on Egypt’s doctors, paying specialExpand
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Blinding Ignorance: Medical Science, Diseased Eyes, and Religious Practice in Egypt
This paper is concerned with trachoma, an endemic and pervasive eye disease in Egypt that is closely linked with ignorance and backwardness in official medical and public health discourses. Through aExpand
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Political Challenges to Biomedical Universalism: Kidney Failure among Egypt's Poor
  • S. Hamdy
  • Medicine
  • Medical anthropology
  • 27 February 2013
Why do patients in need of kidney transplants in Egypt decline offers of kidney donation from their family members out of reluctance to cause them harm? Is it not universally the case that a livingExpand
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