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Assembling the fungal tree of life: progress, classification, and evolution of subcellular traits.
Based on an overview of progress in molecular systematics of the true fungi (Fungi/Eumycota) since 1990, little overlap was found among single-locus data matrices, which explains why no large-scaleExpand
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Fungi from orchid mycorrhizas
An important step in studies of orchid mycorrhizas is identification of the mycobionts (Table 4-1; epithets may have changed since reported). Generally, these have been shown to be members of theExpand
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Fungal endophytes from the roots of alpine and boreal Ericaceae
Oidiodendron mains Barron, Scytalidiutn vaccinii Dalpe, Litten, & Sigler, and a variable white taxon (VWT) were isolated consistently from the roots of ericaceous plants collected in three differen...
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Mycorrhizae and mycorrhizal fungi of boreal species of Platanthera and Coeloglossum (Orchidaceae)
The seasonal development and mycorrhizal fungi of the mycorrhizae of Platanthera hyperborea, Platanthera obtusata, Platanthera orbiculata, and Coeloglossum viride are described. Fungal endophytesExpand
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New records and new taxa of fungi from the mycorrhizae of terrestrial orchids of Alberta
Pure cultures of endophytic fungi were obtained from the mycorrhizae of some native Alberta orchids (Amerorchis rotundifolia, Calypso bulbosa, Coeloglossum viride, Corallorhiza maculata, Platanther...
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Distribution and molecular characterization of the root endophyte Phialocephala fortinii along an environmental gradient in the boreal forest of Alberta
Phialocephala fortinii is a common root endophytic fungus with a wide geographic distribution and little, if any, host specificity. Little is known about its habitat specificity, although there isExpand
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Phialocephala sphaeroides sp. nov., a new species among the dark septate endophytes from a boreal wetland in Canada
Dark septate root endophytic fungi from plants growing on either side of an abrupt wetland–upland ecotone included isolates of Phialocephala fortinii Wang & Wilcox, Leptodontidium orchidicola SiglerExpand
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Deep fungal dermatitis caused by the Chrysosporium anamorph of Nannizziopsis vriesii in captive coastal bearded dragons (Pogona barbata).
Deep fungal dermatitis caused by the Chrysosporium anamorph of Nannizziopsis vriesii (CANV) was diagnosed in a group of coastal bearded dragons (Pogona barbata). The outbreak extended over a 6-monthExpand
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Hymenoscyphus ericae: a new record from western Canada
The teleomorphic state of the ericoid mycorrhizal Hymenoscyphus ericae is known only from the type deposition. The production of both the teleomorph and anamorph by an isolate recovered from LedumExpand
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The seasonal development and fungal endophytes of the mycorrhizal roots of Calypso bulbosa (L.) Oakes were studied using fresh collections from Alberta and herbarium specimens from six herbaria.Expand
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