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Cloning, sequencing and overexpression of a Rhodothermus marinus gene encoding a thermostable cellulase of glycosyl hydrolase family 12
Abstract A gene library from the thermophilic eubacterium Rhodothermus marinus, strain ITI 378, was constructed in pUC18 and transformed into Escherichia coli. Of 5400 transformants, 3 were active onExpand
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Intradermal challenge of Icelandic horses with extracts of four species of the genus Culicoides.
Twenty-three Icelandic horses were challenged with extracts of four species of biting midges: Culicoides pulicaris, C chiopterus, C obsoletus and C impunctatus. Fourteen of the tested horses wereExpand
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Distribution of leucocyte antigens in Icelandic horses affected with summer eczema compared to non-affected horses.
Three hundred and three horses, exported from Iceland to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland or Germany were tested for their distribution of leucocyte antigens. One hundred and thirty-six horsesExpand
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Deletion of a cytotoxic, N-terminal putative signal peptide results in a significant increase in production yields in Escherichia coli and improved specific activity of Cel12A from Rhodothermus
Abstract. The thermostable cellulase Cel12A from Rhodothermus marinus was produced at extremely low levels when expressed in Escherichia coli and was cytotoxic to the cells. In addition, severeExpand
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Temperature Model and Volumetric Assessment of the Krafla Geothermal Field in N-Iceland
In 2008 the conceptual model of the Krafla geothermal field was revisited by a large group of scientists from various disciplines considering a range of new data. The new conceptual model confirmsExpand
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IMAGE: the EU Funded Research Project Integrated Methods for Advanced Geothermal Exploration
In November 2013, the four year project IMAGE (Integrated Methods for Advanced Geothermal Exploration) has been launched, harnessing research power of key research institutes in Europe and industrialExpand
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VSP to Delineate Magmatic Bodies, Supercritical Fluids, Superheated Steam within Krafla Geothermal Field, NE-Iceland
A VSP test experiment at the high temperature geothermal field Krafla in Iceland has been carried out. In two boreholes a zero-, far- and moving-source VSP has been applied to delineate subsurfaceExpand
Analysis and Modelling of Gravity Changes in the Reykjanes Geothermal System in Iceland , During 2004-2010
Reykjanes is the southwest tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, precisely where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes onshore. The Reykjanes geothermal system is in the center of Reykjanes and has beenExpand
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