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The calcium channel
Abstract The application of intracellular perfusion and patch clamp techniques to the somal membranes of excitable cells has recently allowed rapid advancement in our understanding of the biophysicalExpand
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Cytosolic calcium regulates ion channels in the plasma membrane of Vicia faba guard cells
THE molecular mechanisms by which Ca2+ controls a variety of ion transport-associated cellular functions in higher plant cells1, including movements of stomatal pores, remain unknown. Stomatal poresExpand
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Potassium current and the effect of cesium on this current during anomalous rectification of the egg cell membrane of a starfish
The kinetics of the membrane current during the anomalous or inward- going rectification of the K current in the egg cell membrane of the starfish Mediaster aequalis were analyzed by voltage clamp.Expand
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Action potentials in the rat chromaffin cell and effects of acetylcholine.
1. Electrophysiological properties of the rat chromaffin cell were studied using intracellular recording techniques. 2. The resting potential in the chromaffin cell was ‐49 +/‐ 6 mV (mean +/‐ S.D., nExpand
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Currents carried by monovalent cations through calcium channels in mouse neoplastic B lymphocytes.
Membrane currents through the Ca2+ channel were studied in a hybridoma cell line (MAb‐7B) constructed by fusion of S194 myeloma cells and splenic B lymphocytes from the mouse. The whole‐cellExpand
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Blocking effects of barium and hydrogen ions on the potassium current during anomalous rectification in the starfish egg.
1. The blocking effects of Ba+ and H+ on the inward K current during anomalous rectification of the giant egg membrane of the starfish, Mediaster aequalis, were studied using voltage clampExpand
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Calcium and potassium currents in spermatogenic cells dissociated from rat seminiferous tubules.
The electrophysiological properties of the cell membrane of rat spermatogenic cells were studied using the whole‐cell variation of the patch‐electrode voltage‐clamp technique. In late primaryExpand
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Red light stimulates an electrogenic proton pump in Vicia guard cell protoplasts.
Stomatal opening in response to light has a component that matches the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll; however, the intervening sensory transduction steps are not well understood. To study thisExpand
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Surface Density of Calcium Ions and Calcium Spikes in the Barnacle Muscle Fiber Membrane
The effects of various divalent cations in the external solution upon the Ca spike of the barnacle muscle fiber membrane were studied using intracellular recording and polarizing techniques. AnalysisExpand
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Calcium currents in internally perfused nerve cell bodies of Limnea stagnalis
1. When K+ is removed from both sides of the somal membrane of Limnea neurones, time‐dependent, voltage‐dependent outward currents are observed at positive potentials. These currents can be carriedExpand
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