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Li{sub2}MnO{sub3}-stabilized LiMO{sub2} (M=Mn, Ni, Co) electrodes for high energy lithium-ion batteries
A strategy used to design high capacity (>200 mAh g−1), Li2MnO3-stabilized LiMO2 (M = Mn, Ni, Co) electrodes for lithium-ion batteries is discussed. The advantages of the Li2MnO3 component and itsExpand
Preferred Orientation of Polycrystalline LiCoO2 Films
Polycrystalline films of deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering exhibited a strong preferred orientation or texturing after annealing at 700°C. For films thicker than about 1 μm, more thanExpand
High Energy Density Lithium Batteries
Advances in manganese-oxide ‘composite’ electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Recent advances to develop manganese-rich electrodes derived from ‘composite’ structures in which a Li2MnO3 (layered) component is structurally integrated with either a layered LiMO2 component or aExpand
Preparation of a novel TiO2-based p-n junction nanotube photocatalyst.
TiO2 nanotube semiconductors contain free spaces in their interior that can be filled with active materials such as chemical compounds, enzymes, and noble metals, giving them a fundamental advantageExpand
Electrochemical and Structural Properties of xLi2M‘O3·(1−x)LiMn0.5Ni0.5O2 Electrodes for Lithium Batteries (M‘ = Ti, Mn, Zr; 0 ≤ x ⩽ 0.3)
Electrochemical and structural properties of xLi2M‘O3·(1−x)LiMn0.5Ni0.5O2 electrodes (M‘ = Ti, Mn, Zr; 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.3) for lithium batteries are reported. Powder X-ray diffraction, lattice imaging byExpand
Comments on the structural complexity of lithium-rich Li1+xM1−xO2 electrodes (M = Mn, Ni, Co) for lithium batteries☆
Abstract Structural features of lithium-rich Li 1+ x [Mn 0.5 Ni 0.5 ] 1− x O 2 and Li 1+ x [Mn 0.333 Ni 0.333 Co 0.333 ] 1− x O 2 electrode samples (0 ⩽  x  ⩽ 0.15), prepared in-house and by anExpand
ZrO2- and Li2ZrO3-stabilized spinel and layered electrodes for lithium batteries
Strategies for countering the solubility of LiMn{sub 2}O{sub 4} (spinel) electrodes at 500 {sup o}C and for suppressing the reactivity of layered LiMO{sub 2} (M = Co, Ni, Mn, Li) electrodes at highExpand
Nanocrystalline Li x Mn2 − y O 4 Cathodes for Solid‐State Thin‐Film Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Thin-film cathodes of lithium manganese oxide, 0.3-3 μm thick, were deposited by rf magnetron sputtering of a LiMn 2 O 4 ceramic target onto unheated substrates. The resulting films were dense, ∼4.2Expand
We describe several unusual forms of natural graphite from an alkaline pegmatite that cross-cuts rischorrite in the Hackman Valley, Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia. The graphite occursExpand