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Theories of career development
Preface. Introduction. 1. History of Career Development. 2. Occupational Classification Systems. 3. Theoretical Concepts and Definitional Issues. 4. Holland's Theory of Careers and Environments. 5.Expand
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Convergence in Theories of Career Choice and Development: Review and Prospect.
Abstract Theories of career choice and development have exerted an active force on vocational research and counseling practice for more than 40 years. As the major theories have evolved, theExpand
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Construct and Concurrent Validity of the Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire
In order to examine the construct and concurrent validity of the Career Decision-making Difficulties Questionnaire (CDDQ), responses of 403 university students (76% freshmen) to this questionnaire asExpand
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Theories of career development, 2nd ed.
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Cultural Relativity in the Conceptualization of Career Maturity.
Abstract The present study investigated whether theories and measurement of career maturity, because of their reliance on independence in career choice attitudes as a crucial variable, may beExpand
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Gender Differences in Career Decision Making: The Content and Structure of Preferences.
To identify possible sources of the observed differences in the career choices of women and men, three facets of career preferences were examined: the relative importance attributed to career-relatedExpand
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Vocational Certainty and Indecision in College Freshmen
Three groups of entering college freshmen, possessing varying degrees of identification of educational-vocational goals, were compared on a variety of personality, achievement, aptitude, school, andExpand
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Applying Person-Environment Theory to Vocational Behavior.
Abstract Person-environment is acknowledged to be at the heart of vocational psychology and career development. Comments upon the emphases of selected papers in this special issue are made, focusingExpand
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Vocational Preference Inventory High Point Codes and Educational Preferences
This study reports normative data describing the combinations of various VPI high point codes associated with educational preferences classified into one of six of Holland's occupational environmentsExpand
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Personality Types and Vocational Choice: A Test of Holland's Theory
In order to test the adequacy of Holland's theory of vocational choice with reference to a broad segment of entering college students, a sample of the freshman class entering the Pennsylvania StateExpand
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