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Current research issues related to post-wildfire runoff and erosion processes
article i nfo Research into post-wildfire effects began in the United States more than 70 years ago and only later extended to other parts of the world. Post-wildfire responses are typicallyExpand
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Predicting the probability and volume of postwildfire debris flows in the intermountain western United States
Empirical models to estimate the probability of occurrence and volume of postwildfire debris flows can be quickly implemented in a geographic information system (GIS) to generate debris-flow hazardExpand
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Storm rainfall conditions for floods and debris flows from recently burned areas in southwestern Colorado and southern California
Abstract Debris flows generated during rain storms on recently burned areas have destroyed lives and property throughout the Western U.S. Field evidence indicate that unlike landslide-triggeredExpand
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Objective definition of rainfall intensity–duration thresholds for the initiation of post-fire debris flows in southern California
Rainfall intensity–duration (ID) thresholds are commonly used to predict the temporal occurrence of debris flows and shallow landslides. Typically, thresholds are subjectively defined as the upperExpand
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Wildfire-related debris-flow initiation processes, Storm King Mountain, Colorado
A torrential rainstorm on September 1, 1994 at the recently burned hillslopes of Storm King Mountain, CO, resulted in the generation of debris flows from every burned drainage basin. Maps (1:5000Expand
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Empirical models to predict the volumes of debris flows generated by recently burned basins in the western U.S.
Abstract Recently burned basins frequently produce debris flows in response to moderate-to-severe rainfall. Post-fire hazard assessments of debris flows are most useful when they predict the volumeExpand
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A process for fire-related debris flow initiation
In this study we examine factors that pertain to the generation of debris flows from a basin recently burned by wildfire. Throughout the summer 2000 thunderstorm season, we monitored rain gauges,Expand
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Debris-flow generation from recently burned watersheds
Evaluation of the erosional response of 95 recently burned drainage basins in Colorado, New Mexico and southern California to storm rainfall provides information on the conditions that result inExpand
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Conditions for generation of fire-related debris flows, Capulin Canyon, New Mexico
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