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Conditional macrophage ablation in transgenic mice expressing a Fas‐based suicide gene
Transgenic mice expressing an inducible suicide gene, which allows systemic and reversible elimination of macrophages, were developed. A macrophage‐specific c‐fms promoter was used to expressExpand
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A Broadly Implementable Research Course in Phage Discovery and Genomics for First-Year Undergraduate Students
ABSTRACT Engaging large numbers of undergraduates in authentic scientific discovery is desirable but difficult to achieve. We have developed a general model in which faculty and teaching assistantsExpand
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Whole genome comparison of a large collection of mycobacteriophages reveals a continuum of phage genetic diversity
The bacteriophage population is large, dynamic, ancient, and genetically diverse. Limited genomic information shows that phage genomes are mosaic, and the genetic architecture of phage populationsExpand
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Genomic comparison of 93 Bacillus phages reveals 12 clusters, 14 singletons and remarkable diversity
BackgroundThe Bacillus genus of Firmicutes bacteria is ubiquitous in nature and includes one of the best characterized model organisms, B. subtilis, as well as medically significant human pathogens,Expand
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The presence and estrogen control of immunoreactive calbindin-D9k in the fallopian tube of the rat.
The present study was undertaken to localize and investigate the endocrine control of immunoreactive 9K calbindin-D9k in the fallopian tube (oviduct) of the rat. Rat fallopian tubes were excised withExpand
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A critical role for the inflammatory response in a mouse model of preneoplastic progression.
The tumor microenvironment, which includes inflammatory cells, vasculature, extracellular matrix, and fibroblasts, is a critical mediator of neoplastic progression and metastasis. Using an inducibleExpand
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Development of peritoneal adhesions in macrophage depleted mice.
BACKGROUND We present a new mouse model for the study of peritoneal adhesions using macrophage Fas-induced apoptosis (Mafia) transgenic mice expressing a Fas-FKBP construct under control of theExpand
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Gestational changes in calbindin-D9k in rat uterus, yolk sac, and placenta: implications for maternal-fetal calcium transport and uterine muscle function.
Calbindin-D9k was quantified and its cellular location was defined in uterus, yolk sac, and placenta. In late gestation (days 17 to term) coordinated induction of calbindin-D9k was seen in uterineExpand
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Testing of a Pumpless MEMS Microinjection Needle Employing Electrostatic Attraction and Repulsion of DNA
The ultimate goal of this work is to develop an automated MEMS-based lab-on-a-chip microinjector. This paper outlines one phase of that work: testing the feasibility of a pumpless, polysilicon MEMSExpand
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The Genomes, Proteomes, and Structures of Three Novel Phages That Infect the Bacillus cereus Group and Carry Putative Virulence Factors
ABSTRACT This article reports the results of studying three novel bacteriophages, JL, Shanette, and Basilisk, which infect the pathogen Bacillus cereus and carry genes that may contribute to itsExpand
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