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HD 12098 -A new northern hemisphere roAp star
We present the analysis of 65 hours of high speed photometric observations of HD 12098 taken from State Observatory, Naini Tal and Gurushikhar Observatory, Mt. Abu on sixteen nights spanning fromExpand
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Model for oxygen transfer in rotating biological contactor.
Rotating biological contactor is being widely used for wastewater treatment but there is an apparent lack of knowledge about the rate at which oxygen transfer occurs, in physical and biologicalExpand
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Optical and vibrational studies of partially edge-terminated vertically aligned nanocrystalline MoS2 thin films
We report the optical and vibrational properties of nanocrystalline MoS2 thin films, which are comprised of stripe-like partially edge-terminated vertically aligned (ETVA) nano-size crystalsExpand
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Effect of Si doping on the electronic properties of BN monolayer.
The effect of Si doping on the stability, electronic structure, and electron transport properties of boron nitride (BN) monolayer has been investigated by density functional theory method. UniqueExpand
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Electron tunneling characteristics of a cubic quantum dot, (PbS)32.
The electron transport properties of the cubic quantum dot, (PbS)32, are investigated. The stability of the quantum dot has been established by recent scanning tunneling microscope experiments [B.Expand
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A molecular simulation approach towards the development of universal nanocarriers by studying the pH- and electrostatic-driven changes in the dynamic structure of albumin
To explore the intramolecular interactions of protein, and its folding and unfolding mechanisms, we performed a simulation-based comparative study on albumin at different ionic strengths and pH. InExpand
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Spin-dependent electron transport in C and Ge doped BN monolayers.
Recent advances in the synthesis and characterization of h-BN monolayers offer opportunities to tailor their electronic properties via aliovalent substitutions in the lattice. In this paper, weExpand
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Mixed second-order multiobjective symmetric duality with cone constraints
In this paper, a pair of second-order multiobjective mixed symmetric dual programs over arbitrary cones is formulated. The usual duality results are then established for the aforementioned pair usingExpand
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First-principles study of the electronic, magnetic and optical properties of Fe3Se4 in its monoclinic phase
Abstract In the present work, we have gained fundamental understanding of the physical properties of ferric selenide (Fe3Se4), an emerging ferrimagnetic material, via a systematic study of itsExpand
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