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A Climatology of Surface Radiation Budget Derived from Satellite Data
Abstract Climatological averages of surface radiation budget parameters, namely, the shortwave and longwave surface radiative fluxes, have been derived for each month of the year on a global scale.Expand
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Seasonal variation of surface radiation budget derived from International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project C1 data
Surface radiation budget data are presented for the midseasonal months of July and October of 1983 and January and April of 1984. These data allow examination for the first time of geographical andExpand
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A parameterization for longwave surface radiation from sun-synchronous satellite data
Abstract A parameterization has been developed for computing downward, upward, and net longwave radiation at the earth's surface using meteorological data from NOAA's operational sun-synchronousExpand
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The WCRP/GEWEX Surface Radiation Budget Project Release 2: An Assessment of Surface Fluxes at 1 Degree Resolution
The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) based Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Project in association with the World Climate Research Programme Global Energy and Water CycleExpand
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Estimation of surface insolation using sun-synchronous satellite data
Abstract A technique is presented for estimating insulation at the Earth's surface using only sun-synchronous satellite data. The technique was tested by comparing the insolation results fromExpand
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A biophysical process-based estimate of global land surface evaporation using satellite and ancillary data II. Regional and global patterns of seasonal and annual variations
A process-based biophysical model of evaporation described previously was run using spatially representative data to calculate global fields of monthly total transpiration, soil evaporation andExpand
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A parameterization for longwave surface radiation from satellite data - Recent improvements
Abstract Several improvements have been made recently to the parameterization for surface longwave radiation described by Gupta. Model constants have been modified in order to use meteorological dataExpand
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Improvement of Surface Longwave Flux Algorithms Used in CERES Processing
Abstract An improvement was developed and tested for surface longwave flux algorithms used in the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System processing based on lessons learned during theExpand
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Validation of the CERES Edition 2B Surface-Only Flux Algorithms
The Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) project uses two shortwave (SW) and two longwave (LW) algorithms to derive surface radiative fluxes on an instantaneous footprint basis from aExpand
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The validation of the GEWEX SRB surface shortwave flux data products using BSRN measurements: A systematic quality control, production and application approach
Abstract The NASA/GEWEX Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) project has produced a 24.5-year continuous record of global shortwave and longwave radiation fluxes at TOA and the Earth's surface fromExpand
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