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Niche filling slows the diversification of Himalayan songbirds
Speciation generally involves a three-step process—range expansion, range fragmentation and the development of reproductive isolation between spatially separated populations. Speciation relies onExpand
Effect of annealing, size and cut-outs on axial collapse behaviour of circular tubes
Abstract Axial compression tests were performed on round tubes of different sizes and made of aluminium and mild steel, both in as-received and annealed conditions. Length to diameter and diameter toExpand
Biology and Ecology of Asian Small-Clawed Otter Aonyx cinereus (Illiger, 1815): A Review
The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest among the 13 extant species of otters. It has a large distribution range extending from India in South Asia through Southeast Asia up to Taiwan andExpand
Normal impact of ogive nosed projectiles on thin plates
Single plates of aluminium of various thicknesses were subjected to normal impact by ogive nosed projectiles at velocities normally greater than their ballistic limit. The observed values of theExpand
A Simple and Inexpensive Molecular Method for Sexing and Identification of the Forensic Samples of Elephant Origin
ABSTRACT: The population of the Asian elephant is being dramatically reduced due to poaching of the ivory from the male. As poaching occurs in remote forests, it often takes weeks or longer for it toExpand
Establishing the identity of the massacred tigress in a case of wildlife crime.
We report a case study, where we have established the identity from a challenging biological sample of a deceased tigress by parentage analysis. A wildlife crime was committed in one of theExpand
Morphological characteristics of ICRISAT-bred pearl millet hybrid seed parents.
lCRISAT had developed and disseminated a large number of male-sterile lines (A-lines) and their maintainers (B-lines) over the years, which had been characterized for key agronomic traits and downyExpand
Genetic analysis of endangered hog deer (Axis porcinus) reveals two distinct lineages from the Indian subcontinent
The hog deer (Axis porcinus) is threatened by habitat alteration, fragmentation, and poaching, which have led to a drastic decline of its wild population. Two subspecies of A. porcinus have beenExpand
Identification of the Source of Ivory Idol by DNA Analysis *
Abstract:  In this study, we describe a forensic case dealing with the identification of the source of the processed ivory object by DNA analysis. Two pieces of Lord Krishna’s idols from a shop wereExpand
Mapping, Phylogenetic and Expression Analysis of the RNase (RNaseA) Locus in Cattle
The mammalian secreted ribonucleases (RNases) comprise a large family of structurally related proteins displaying considerable sequence variation, and have been used in evolutionary studies. RNase 1Expand