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Rice fields and modes of rice cultivation between 5000 and 2500 BC in east China
Recently, rice fields dated between 5000 and 2500 BC were found at the Tianluoshan sit in east China. The early rice fields dated between 5000 and 4500 BC are the oldest rice fields known. TheExpand
Screening of high efficient paracetamolum degrading bacterial strains and the effect of their bioaugmentative use
The results showed that the bioaugmentation system was superior to the original system in COD and paracetamolum removal efficiency when the quantity of the supplemented bacteria was 0.20%(v/v) of the treatment system effective volume and the influent COD contents were fluctuated between 440.33—1036.77?mg/L. Expand
2-Naphthoate catabolic pathway in Burkholderia strain JT 1500
The proposed pathway for the conversion of 2-naphthoate to 1 mol (each) of pyruvate, succinate, and acetyl coenzyme A and 2 mol of CO2 suggests that one of the other three diastereomers is not eliminated as a potential intermediate for a dehydration reaction. Expand
Experimental Study of Intelligent Monitoring of Blast Furnace Stave
To monitor the thermal situation of the blast furnace stave and to prolong the lifetime of the blast furnace, the neural network simulation technique is introduced for mathematical simulation of aExpand
Power quality disturbance identification method based on multi-domain feature fusion
A recognition method based on multi-domain feature fusion, in which the independent evidence is transformed from identification results of unknown disturbances in different domains, which reduces the influence of errors in characteristics of a single domain on the identification accuracy, and is robust to noise and stable. Expand
Technological Conditions for Application of MAP Crystallization Method to Remove Nitrogen and Phosphorus From Swine Farm Wastewater
A systematic study was carried out to explore technological conditions for application of the magnesium ammonium phosphate(MAP) crystallization method using MgCl2·6H2O and Na2HPO4·12H2O asExpand