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Interpretation Petri net model to IEC 1131-3: LD for programmable logic controller
Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are widely used in industry. Thus PLCs usually use the IEC 1131-3 standard programming language. The ladder diagram is the most popular language which does notExpand
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A design of automatic warehouse for Internet based system
This paper presents the development of inventory control system for a prototype automatic warehouse using the Internet. To decrease lead-time and economics is very important in industrial management.Expand
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Servo state feedback control of the self balancing robot using MATLAB
In this paper, the servo state feedback control of the self balancing robot is proposed. Balancing robot system to control is used ADXL3xx accelerometer as sensors to measure the angle and angleExpand
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Separately excited DC motor drive with fuzzy self-organizing
This paper presents the algorithm for speed control of a separately excited dc motor (SEDCM) drive with fuzzy self-organizing. The objective is to design the system that can learn, increase, reduceExpand
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Inspection for HDD Production Process using Laser Light Sectioning
number of features of HDD perpendicular to a conveyor belt as seen by a laser strip light. The narrow band pass filter (650 nm.) was mouthed in front of lens in order to cut off the unwantedExpand
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Demand forecasting approach inventory control for warehouse automation
This paper presents a technique to control the inventory level on the warehouse automation by using continuous reviewing and forecasting system. The product demand that stored in the warehouseExpand
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Development of PLC fiber-optic network for redundant system
Presents the development of a PLC local area network system through fiber-optic cable for controlling high priority processes by use of three PLC redundant systems. With three modules of controllerExpand
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This paper presents a method to estimate volume from three-dimensional characteristics of symmetrical objects by computer vision system using laser light sectioning. The camera captures the image ofExpand
3D Metallic Surface Acquisition for Inspection and Reading Character
This paper presents a real-time implementation of 3D acquisition for reading text and inspection the metallic surface based on light sectioning. A measurement is achieved with a standard low costExpand