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CFT's from Calabi–Yau four-folds
We consider F/M/Type IIA theory compactified to four, three, or two dimensions on a Calabi–Yau four-fold, and study the behavior near an isolated singularity in the presence of appropriate fluxes andExpand
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Gauge Theory, Ramification, And The Geometric Langlands Program
In the gauge theory approach to the geometric Langlands program, ramification can be described in terms of "surface operators," which are supported on two-dimensional surfaces somewhat as Wilson orExpand
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Loop and surface operators in $ \mathcal{N} = 2 $ gauge theory and Liouville modular geometry
Recently, a duality between Liouville theory and four dimensional $ \mathcal{N} = 2 $ gauge theory has been uncovered by some of the authors. We consider the role of extended objects in gauge theory,Expand
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3-Manifolds and 3d Indices
We identify a large class R of three-dimensional N = 2 superconformal field theories. This class includes the effective theories T_M of M5-branes wrapped on 3-manifolds M, discussed in previousExpand
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Gauge Theories Labelled by Three-Manifolds
We propose a dictionary between geometry of triangulated 3-manifolds and physics of three-dimensional $${\mathcal{N} = 2}$$N=2 gauge theories. Under this duality, standard operations on triangulatedExpand
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Solitons, superpotentials and calibrations
  • S. Gukov
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 3 November 1999
In this paper we study several issues related to the generation of the superpotential induced by background Ramond–Ramond fluxes in compactification of Type IIA string theory on Calabi–YauExpand
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Vortex Counting and Lagrangian 3-Manifolds
To every 3-manifold M one can associate a two-dimensional $${\mathcal{N}=(2, 2)}$$ supersymmetric field theory by compactifying five-dimensional $${\mathcal{N}=2}$$ super-Yang–Mills theory on M. ThisExpand
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The Superpolynomial for Knot Homologies
We propose a framework for unifying the sl(N) Khovanov– Rozansky homology (for all N) with the knot Floer homology by a triply graded homology theory that categorizes the HOMFLY polynomial. Expand
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Gauge theory at large N and new G2 holonomy metrics
We find a one-parameter family of new G_2 holonomy metrics and demonstrate that it can be extended to a two-parameter family. These metrics play an important role as the supergravity dual of theExpand
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Three-Dimensional Quantum Gravity, Chern-Simons Theory, and the A-Polynomial
  • S. Gukov
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 17 June 2003
We study three-dimensional Chern-Simons theory with complex gauge group SL(2,ℂ), which has many interesting connections with three-dimensional quantum gravity and geometry of hyperbolic 3-manifolds.Expand
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