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Debris Dam Dynamics and Coarse Particulate Organic Matter Retention in an Appalachian Mountain Stream
Debris dam structure and retention of coarse particulate organic matter were examined during a 17-mo period in Powdermill Run, a 3rd-order Appalachian Mountain stream. Through the use of detailedExpand
Linkages between riparian forest composition and shredder voltinism
Life history patterns and seasonal growth rates of eleven shredder species inhabiting an Appalachian mountain stream (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) were determined and conceptually linked to the speciesExpand
Influence of flow permanence on headwater macroinvertebrate communities in a Cumberland Plateau watershed, USA
Forested headwater systems provide critical habitat needs for diverse macroinvertebrate faunas globally. This study compared macroinvertebrate community structure between ten temporary and perennialExpand
Environmental factors affecting the distribution of aquatic invertebrates in temporary ponds in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA
Despite a recent surge of interest in temporary lentic systems, a strong theory linking the biota to its environment has not emerged. Using data from 10 temporary ponds at Mammoth Cave National Park,Expand
Updates to the stonefly fauna of Illinois and Indiana
In a first phase for reconstructing the stonefly fauna of the Midwest (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, southern Ontario, Michigan, and Wisconsin) we present updates for the Illinois and Indiana stoneflyExpand
Processing and Macroinvertebrate Colonization of Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) Leaves in Two Streams Differing in Summer Biota, Thermal Regime and Riparian Vegetation
-The processing of black cherry (Prunus serotina) leaf packs was studied during the summer of 1992 in two streams, Linesville Creek (LC) and Powdermill Run (PMR). The streams differed considerablyExpand
The stonefly fauna of Michigan is updated, increasing the number of species verified from the state to 68. Twelve species are reported for the first time while two species of Isogenoides andExpand
Perlesta ephelida, a new Nearctic stonefly species (Plecoptera, Perlidae)
Abstract A new Nearctic species of Perlidae (Insecta, Plecoptera), Perlesta ephelida sp. n., is described from the male, female, and egg stages. This species has been previously reported as, orExpand
Studies on Indiana stoneflies (Plecoptera), with an annotated and revised state checklist
An historical account of taxonomic-based Indiana Plecoptera research is presented and current distribution records are provided for 76 species, including 17 new state records. Six species, AllocapniaExpand