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Productivity Growth, Technical Progress, and Efficiency Change in Industrialized Countries
This paper analyzes productivity growth in seventeen OECD countries over the period 1979-88. A nonparametric programming method (activity analysis) is used to compute Malmquist productivity indexes.Expand
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Productivity and Undesirable Outputs: A Directional Distance Function Approach
We introduce a directional distance function and use it as a component in a new productivity index that readily models joint production of goods and bads, credits firms for reductions in bads and increases in goods, and provides a practical managerial tool. Expand
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The measurement of efficiency of production
The Structure of Production Technology.- Radial Input Efficiency Measures.- Radial Output Efficiency Measures.- Hyperbolic Graph Efficiency Measures.- A Comparison of Input, Output, and GraphExpand
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Characteristics of a Polluting Technology: Theory and Practice
The directional output distance function is used to measure the efficiency of 209 electric utilities in 1993 and 1997. Exploiting duality conditions, the directional output distance function is usedExpand
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Productivity changes in Swedish pharamacies 1980–1989: A non-parametric Malmquist approach
In this article we develop a non-parametric (linear programming) approach for calculation of a Malmquist (input based) productivity index. The method is applied to the case of Swedish pharmacies.
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Measuring Plant Capacity, Utilization and Technical Change: A Nonparametric Approach
In this paper, the authors develop measures of plant capacity, plant capacity utilization, and technical change based on observed best practice performance in a given industry. These measures areExpand
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Modeling undesirable factors in efficiency evaluation: Comment
Data translation as a means of integrating undesirable outputs and inputs into data envelopment analysis (DEA) models. Expand
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