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A zirconium methacrylate oxocluster as precursor for the low-temperature synthesis of porous zirconium(IV) dicarboxylates.
The exchange of the monocarboxylate ligand of the zirconium methacrylate oxocluster Zr(6)O(4)(OH)(4)(OMc)(12) (OMc = CH(2)=CH(CH(3))COO) with dicarboxylic acids (trans,trans muconic acid andExpand
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Hybrid Materials Based on the Embedding of Organically Modified Transition Metal Oxoclusters or Polyoxometalates into Polymers for Functional Applications: A Review
The covalent incorporation of inorganic building blocks into a polymer matrix to obtain stable and robust materials is a widely used concept in the field of organic-inorganic hybrid materials, andExpand
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Fenton-like catalytic activity of wet-spun chitosan hollow fibers loaded with Fe3O4 nanoparticles: Batch and continuous flow investigations
Abstract Fenton-like catalysts based on nanosized Fe3O4 impregnated on dry–wet spun chitosan hollow fibers (CS HFs) were prepared according to the dipping-drying method. The prepared catalysts wereExpand
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Green and low temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline transition metal ferrites by simple wet chemistry routes
Crystalline and nanostructured cobalt (CoFe2O4), nickel (NiFe2O4), zinc (ZnFe2O4) and manganese (MnFe2O4) spinel ferrites are synthesized with high yields, crystallinity and purity through an easy,Expand
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Highly crystalline strontium ferrites SrFeO(3-δ): an easy and effective wet-chemistry synthesis.
The synthesis of strontium ferrite SrFeO(3-δ) has been explored through wet-chemistry methods in order to optimize a quick, easy and reproducible method to obtain the perovskite in pure crystallineExpand
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Coprecipitation of Oxalates: An Easy and Reproducible Wet-Chemistry Synthesis Route for Transition-Metal Ferrites
In this work, an easy, quick and reproducible wet-synthesis coprecipitation route starting from oxalate precursors was optimised to synthesise cobalt, nickel, zinc and magnesium spinel ferritesExpand
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Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry in the study of polycondensation of Ti(OBun)4 in the presence of Si(OEt)4.
The hydrolysis-polycondensation behaviour of alcoholic solutions containing Si(OEt)4 and Ti(OBun)4, in different molar ratios (Si/Ti = 10-0.2), was analysed by laser desorption/ionisation (LDI) andExpand
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Sustainable and Very-Low-Temperature Wet-Chemistry Routes for the Synthesis of Crystalline Inorganic Nanostructures
In this chapter, selected low (T < 200 °C)-temperature wet-chemistry routes for the synthesis of crystalline inorganic compounds are described and reviewed, outlining their main features andExpand
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Turning fluorescent dyes into Cu(II) nanosensors.
There is great interest in the self-organization of the proper subunits as a new strategy for the realization of fluorescent chemosensors. In this article, it is shown that commercially availableExpand
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Swelling behavior and thermal stability of poly(methylmethacrylate) crosslinked by the oxozirconium cluster Zr4O2(methacrylate)12
A new isomer of the oxozirconium cluster Zr 4 O 2 (methacrylate)12 was obtained by reaction of zirconium butoxide with an excess of methacrylic acid. Contrary to the known isomer, the structure isExpand
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