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A Fiasco of Volcanic Proportions? Eyjafjallajökull and the Closure of European Airspace
Abstract The unprecedented and recurrent closure of much of UK and northern European airspace from 14 April 2010, following the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano, caused the cancellationExpand
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A transformative political campaign? The new rhetoric of protest against airport expansion in the UK
This article explores the logic of political protest by focussing on how, and in what form, groups reproduce themselves. It analyses how HACAN ClearSkies, a local airport protest group, hasExpand
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Populism, Localism and Environmental Politics: the Logic and Rhetoric of the Stop Stansted Expansion campaign
Proposed plans to build or expand large infrastructure projects such as airports, motorways or housing developments are often sites of intense political contestation and conflict management. ThisExpand
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The Practice of Policy Making
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Metaphor, Catachresis and Equivalence: The Rhetoric of Freedom to Fly in the Struggle over Aviation Policy in the United Kingdom
Abstract This article investigates the dynamics of current aviation policy in Britain by examining the consultation process surrounding the New Labour government's 2003 strategic plan to expandExpand
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Practices of Freedom: Decentred Governance, Conflict and Democratic Participation
1. Introduction: democracy, conflict and participation in decentred governance Steven Griggs, Aletta J. Norval and Hendrik Wagenaar 2. Governance-driven democratisation Mark E. Warren 3. BeyondExpand
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Situating the local in the neoliberalisation and transformation of urban governance
The local state, and more broadly the logic of the local, remains divorced from accounts of urban governance. Addressing this omission, this article examines how a focus on the local opens up newExpand
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The politics of airport expansion in the United Kingdom: Hegemony, policy and the rhetoric of ‘sustainable aviation’
The book presents both the history of air transportation in the United Kingdom and an analysis of the discourses surrounding aviation, its benefits, and its costs. This book offers insights about theExpand
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Introduction: Democracy, conflict and participation in decentred governance
New canonical beliefs in government enter our collective understandings through compelling narratives of inescapable pressures for social, political and economic change. These narratives typicallyExpand
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