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The Beginnings of Christian Theology in Arabic: Muslim-Christian Encounters in the Early Islamic Period
Contents: Preface Comparative religion in the apologetics of the first Christian Arabic theologians Habib ibn Abu Rat'itah, a Christian mutakallim of the first Abbasid century 'Ammar al-Basri's Kitab
Ephraem the Syrian's Hymns 'Against Julian'
state before the city's gates, with a Persian flag flying from the ramparts of the citadel!3 Furthermore, a number of concrete details which Ephraem mentioned in the hymns, such as the emperor's
The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam
LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS ix PREFACE xi Introduction 1 CHAPTER I: "People of the Gospel," "People of the Book": C Hristians and Christianity in the World of Islam 6 CHAPTER II: Apocalypse and the Arabs:
Eutychius of Alexandria on the Emperor Theophilus and Iconoclasm in Byzantium: A Tenth Century Moment in Christian Apologetics in Arabic
Alias Said ibn Bitriq, patriarche melkite d'Alexandrie en 877, auteur d'une Histoire universelle. L'A. en traduit la section qui se rapporte au dernier empereur iconoclaste, Theophile (829-843)| il
Answers For The Shaykh: A ‘Melkite’ Arabic Text From Sinai And The Doctrines Of The Trinity And The Incarnation In ‘Arab Orthodox’ Apologetics
This chapter examines in some detail one small Christian tract, written in Arabic by a now unknown author, as one example of how Christian thinkers in the Islamic milieu chose to commend the
Anthony David of Baghdad, Scribe and Monk of Mar Sabas: Arabic in the Monasteries of Palestine
Forty years ago George Every called the attention of the scholarly world to the likelihood that in the oriental patriarchates after the time of John of Damascus the Arabic language increasingly
Christianity’s Historic Roots in the Middle East: Christians at Home in the ‘World of Islam’
The important but neglected Christian heritage in Arabic is highlighted in Griffith’s work on Christian scholars of tenth-century Baghdad, especially the influence of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in
Mystics and Sufi masters: Thomas Merton and dialogue between Christians and Muslims
The Cistercian, Trappist monk Thomas Merton (1915–1968), author of numerous books on Christian spirituality, monasticism and social commentary, was a forerunner in popular inter‐religious dialogue in