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Monitoring and Evaluation of Reef Protected Areas by Local Fishers in the Philippines: Tightening the Adaptive Management Cycle
Monitoring by local community managers tightens the adaptive management cycle by linking management more closely with its evaluation, so management actions become more responsive to the fieldExpand
Large-scale movements in European badgers: has the tail of the movement kernel been underestimated?
It is demonstrated that the appropriate minimum spatial scale to characterize badger movements in the study population was 80 km(2), substantially larger than many previous badger studies, and the meta-analysis indicated a significant association between maximum movement distance and study area size, while controlling for population density. Expand
Teagasc-EPA Soils and Subsoils mapping project: Final report V.1
Report pepared for the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the Environmental Protection Agency By Teagasc, Spatial Analysis Unit, RERC, Kinsealy Campus, Malahide Road, DublinExpand
Sulphur isotopes in animal hair track distance to sea.
It is concluded that sulphur isotopes ratios measured in archival keratinous tissues can be used to describe regional δ(34)S isoscapes primarily defined by distance to coasts and thus provide a tool to detect short-term movements of domestic, feral and wild animals within such isoscape. Expand
Assessment of multi-temporal, multi-sensor radar and ancillary spatial data for grasslands monitoring in Ireland using machine learning approaches
This study evaluated the performance of three machine learning algorithms; Random Forests, Support Vector Machines and Extremely Randomised Trees for discriminating between grassland types over two large heterogeneous areas of Ireland using multi-temporal, multi-sensor radar and ancillary spatial datasets. Expand
Population Estimation and Trappability of the European Badger (Meles meles): Implications for Tuberculosis Management
Monitoring of trappability is recommended as part of an adaptive management regime during large–scale wildlife vaccination programs to counter biases and to improve efficiencies. Expand
Satellite remote sensing of grasslands: from observation to management—a review
Aims Grasslands are the world’s most extensive terrestrial ecosystem, and are a major feed source for livestock. Meeting increasing demand for meat and other dairy products in a sustainable manner isExpand
Emerging marine protected area networks in the coral triangle: Lessons and way forward
Marine protected areas (MPAs) and MPA networks are valuable tools for protecting coral reef habitats and managing near-shore fisheries, while playing an essential role in the overall conservation ofExpand
Integrated coastal management and marine protected areas: Complementarity in the Philippines
Small marine protected areas (MPAs) were established in the Philippines as early as 1974. These models set forth a framework for coral reef management that has been shown to enhance fish yields toExpand