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Sedimentary record and climatic implications of recurrent deformation in the Tian Shan: Evidence from Mesozoic strata of the north Tarim, south Junggar, and Turpan basins, northwest China
Detailed stratigraphic, sedimentologic, paleocurrent, and subsidence analyses were conducted on Mesozoic nonmarine sedimentary sections of the south Junggar, north Tarim, and Turpan basins, XinjangExpand
Constraints on the early uplift history of the Tibetan Plateau
Geologic and geophysical data from north-central Tibet are presented, including magnetostratigraphy, sedimentology, paleocurrent measurements, and 40Ar/39Ar and fission-track studies, to show that the central plateau was elevated by 40 Ma ago. Expand
Sedimentary record and tectonic implications of Mesozoic rifting in southeast Mongolia
The East Gobi basin of Mongolia is a poorly described Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous extensional province that holds great importance for reconstructions of Mesozoic tectonics and paleogeography ofExpand
Late Paleozoic tectonic amalgamation of northwestern China: Sedimentary record of the northern Tarim, northwestern Turpan, and southern Junggar Basins
Sedimentary rocks contained in basins adjacent to the Tian Shan provide a long and complex record of the late Paleozoic continental amalgamation of northwestern China, complementing that provided byExpand
Uplift, exhumation, and deformation in the Chinese Tian Shan
The terranes composing the basement of the Tian Shan were originally sutured together during two collisions in Late Devonian–Early Carboniferous and Late Carboniferous–Early Permian time. Since then,Expand
Outward-growth of the Tibetan Plateau during the Cenozoic: A review ☆
Abstract The surface uplift history of the Tibetan Plateau (TP) offers a key testing ground for evaluating models of collisional tectonics and holds important implications for processes ranging fromExpand
Late Oligocene-early Miocene unroofing in the Chinese Tian Shan: An early effect of the India-Asia collision
Apatite fission-track data indicate that Mesozoic strata exposed on the northern flank of the Chinese Tian Shan underwent ∼4-5 km of late Cenozoic unroofing, beginning at ∼24 Ma. This age apparentlyExpand
Submarine fans at all sea-level stands: Tectono-morphologic and climatic controls on terrigenous sediment delivery to the deep sea
Early models of stratigraphic sequence development across continental margins predicted terrigenous sediment delivery to the deep sea principally during periods of sea-level fall and lowstand.Expand
Stable isotopic constraints on the tectonic, topographic, and climatic evolution of the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Abstract This study presents oxygen and carbon isotopic records from lacustrine, paleosol, alluvial, and fluvial carbonate sampled in thirteen Cenozoic sedimentary sections that span the northernExpand