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Telecommunications and the City: Electronic Spaces, Urban Places
Part 1 Telecommunications and the City: parallel transformations telecommunications and urban transformations the urban "impacts" of telecommunications the neglect of telecommunications in urbanExpand
Out of Order
This article seeks to demonstrate the centrality of maintenance and repair to an understanding of modern societies and, particularly, cities. Arguing that repair and maintenance activities present aExpand
Networked infrastructures, technological mobilities, and the urban condition
The following text is taken from the publisher's website: "Splintering Urbanism offers a path-breaking analysis of the nature of the urban condition at the start of the new millennium. Adopting aExpand
Bridging Urban Digital Divides? Urban Polarisation and Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs)
The societal diffusion of information and communications technologies (ICTs) remains starkly uneven at all scales. It is in the contemporary city that this unevenness becomes most visible. In cities,Expand
The end of geography or the explosion of place? Conceptualizing space, place and information technology
This article critically explores how the relations between information technologies and space and place are being conceptualized in a broad swathe of recent writings and discourses on the geographiesExpand
Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism
In this short, highly readable book, Immanuel Wallerstein provides a condensation of the central ideas of The Modern World-System, his monumental study of capitalism as an integrated, historicalExpand
Relational concepts of space and place: Issues for planning theory and practice
Abstract This paper seeks to conceptualize and explore the changing relationships between planning action and practice and the dynamics of place. It argues that planning practice is grappling withExpand
SENTIENT CITIES Ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space
Increasing amounts of information processing capacity are embedded in the environment around us. The informational landscape is both a repository of data and also increasingly communicates andExpand
Disrupted cities : when infrastructure fails
Introduction 1. Managing the Risk of Cascading Failure in Complex Urban Infrastructure 2. Disoriented City 3. Power Loss 4. Containing Insecurity 5. Clogged Cities 6. Securitizing Networked Flows 7.Expand
The Ordinary City
As debates on globalization have progressed from an earlier phase in which commentators saw the intensification of world-scale flows and processes as the negation of local identities and autonomies,Expand