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Paramos: A Checklist of Plant Diversity, Geographical Distribuion, and Botanical Literature
It not only presents the alphabetical list of circa 4700 vascular (3399) and nonvascular (1298) plant species to be found in the paramos and associated data including author, collector and collectionExpand
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Tropical landscapes are dominated by land-use systems, but their contribution to the conservation of biodiversity is largely unknown. Since changes in biodiversity in response to human impact areExpand
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Tradeoffs between income, biodiversity, and ecosystem functioning during tropical rainforest conversion and agroforestry intensification
Losses of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning due to rainforest destruction and agricultural intensification are prime concerns for science and society alike. Potentially, ecosystems showExpand
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Unravelling the phylogeny of Lejeuneaceae (Jungermanniopsida): evidence for four main lineages.
With about 1000 species in approximately 90 genera, Lejeuneaceae are the largest family of liverworts and make up a large and important part of cryptogamic diversity in the humid tropics. MaximumExpand
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Diversity patterns of vascular epiphytes along an elevational gradient in the Andes
Aim  To document the elevational pattern of epiphyte species richness at the local scale in the tropical Andes with a consistent methodology. Location  The northern Bolivian Andes at 350–4000 mExpand
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Methane emissions from tank bromeliads in neotropical forests
Methane concentrations above tropical forests in the neotropics are high, according to space-borne observations. Flux measurements in the field suggest that tank bromeliads, herbaceous plants commonExpand
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Tree diversity in primary forest and different land use systems in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
We studied the tree communities in primary forest and three different land use systems (forest gardens, ca. 5-year-old secondary forests, cacao plantations) at 900–1200 m elevation in the environs ofExpand
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Vertical stratification of vascular epiphytes in submontane and montane forest of the Bolivian Andes: the importance of the understory
We studied species richness, composition, and vertical distribution of vascular epiphytes at two sites in the Bolivian Andes. To account for the epiphyte flora on understory trees, epiphytes onExpand
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World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
Abstract A working checklist of accepted taxa worldwide is vital in achieving the goal of developing an online flora of all known plants by 2020 as part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.Expand
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An integrated assessment of the vascular plant species of the Americas
The vascular plants of the Americas Botanical exploration in the Americas has a history that stretches back for half a millennium, with knowledge assembled in diverse regional floras and lists. UlloaExpand
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