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Public vs Private vs Hybrid vs Community - Cloud Computing: A Critical Review
All the four types of cloud models available in the market are defined, discussed and compared with the benefits and pitfalls, thus giving a clear idea, which model to adopt for your organization. Expand
Predicting properties of cereals using artificial neural networks: A review
This communication reports the use of artificial neuralnetworks (ANN) in cereals and analyzes the major contribution of ANN in cereals(barley, corn, maze, oats, paddy, rice, rye and wheat) forExpand
Ratcheting Strain Assessment in Pressurised Stainless Steel Elbows Subjected to In-plane Bending☆
Abstract Ratcheting studies were carried out on Type 304LN stainless steel elbows, by applying steady internal pressure and cyclic bending. The elbows were of 168 mm nominal outer diameter and theExpand
Advanced Computing Research on Cascade Single and Double Hidden Layers for Detecting Shelf Life of Kalakand: An Artificial Neural Network Approach
Kalakand or Qalaqand is a popular Indian sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. It owes it origin to the milk-rich Braj area of western Uttar Pradesh. It is a very popularExpand
Radial Basis (Exact Fit) Artificial Neural Network Technique for Estimating Shelf Life of Burfi
High correlation was found between training and validation data, indicating that the developed Radial basis (exact fit) ANN models are good for estimating the shelf life of burfi. Expand
Artificial neural networks in vegetables: A comprehensive review
Artificial neural networks(ANN) are implemented in a large number of applications of science andtechnology as the technique has become very popular and accepted tool forresearchers and scientists.Expand
Time - Delay Simulated Artificial Neural Network Models for Predicting Shelf Life of Processed Cheese
Time-Delay ANN models with multilayer are quite efficient in predicting the shelf life of processed cheese stored at 78 o C. Expand
Artificial neural networks (ANNs) in food science a review
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) have been applied in several areas,  viz ., science and technology, engineering, agriculture, life sciences and medicine as they have a remarkable ability to provideExpand
Advertising on social media
This communication reports the latest trends of advertising on social media. Social media advertising means to gain traffic or attention of online users through social media sites. Today, when a userExpand
Ratcheting failure of pressurised straight pipes and elbows under reversed bending
Abstract Ratcheting studies were carried out on Type 304LN stainless steel straight pipes and elbows subjected to steady internal pressure and cyclic bending load. The internal pressure for all theExpand