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Development of Flax Fibre based Textile Reinforcements for Composite Applications
Most developments in the area of natural fibre reinforced composites have focused on random discontinuous fibre composite systems. The development of continuous fibre reinforced composites is,Expand
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Surface modification of nanofibrillated cellulose films by atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge
A dielectric barrier discharge in a gas mixture of tetrafluoromethane (CF4) and O2 was used for tailoring the surface properties of nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) films. The surface chemicalExpand
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Effect of hardness of martensite and ferrite on void formation in dual phase steel
Abstract The influence of the hardness of martensite and ferrite phases in dual phase steel on void formation has been investigated by in situ tensile loading in a scanning electron microscope.Expand
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Effect of inter-fibre bonding on the fracture of fibrous networks with strong interactions
Abstract The mechanical response of cellulose nanopaper composites is investigated using a three-dimensional (3D) finite element fibrous network model with focus on the effect of inter-fibre bonds.Expand
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The application of J integral to measure cohesive laws under large-scale yielding
Abstract A method is developed to obtain the mode I cohesive law of elastic–plastic materials using a Double Cantilever Beam sandwich specimen loaded with pure bending moments. The approach is basedExpand
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Modification of glassy carbon surfaces by atmospheric pressure cold plasma torch
The effect of plasma treatment on glassy carbon (GC) surfaces was studied with adhesion improvement in mind. A newly constructed remote plasma source was used to treat GC plates. Pure He and a diluteExpand
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Failure mechanisms in unidirectional self-reinforced biobased composites based on high stiffness PLA fibres
Abstract Biobased self-reinforced polymer composites using polylactic acid (PLA) were developed. To create PLA based self-reinforced composites (SR-PLA) with improved properties, first high stiffnessExpand
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A New Static and Fatigue Compression Test Method for Composites
:  A new test method to determine the compressive properties of composite materials under both static and fatigue loading was developed. The novel fixture is based on the concept of transmitting theExpand
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Effect of Processing Conditions on Fracture Resistance and Cohesive Laws of Binderfree All-Cellulose Composites
The fracture properties of all-cellulose composites without matrix were studied using Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) sandwich specimens loaded with pure monotonically increasing bending moments, whichExpand
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