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Zooplankton ecology in the Mandovi-Zuari estuarine system of Goa, west coast of India
Distribution and abundance of majority of constituent groups and species were influenced by various hydrographical characteristics of the environment and appeared to cause variations in plankton production and heterogeneity of various taxa. Expand
Biochemical Composition of Zooplankton from the Andaman Sea
Protein was the dominant constituent in mixed zooplankton, major planktonic groups and some common species collected from the Andaman Sea, indicating the role of protein a, a metabolic reserve in tropical zoopLankton with low lipid content. Expand
Zooplankton production, composition and diversity in the coastal waters of Goa
Faunal and species diversity were enhanced with increase of carnivores in the ecosystem and an inverse relationship betwcen zooplankton biomass and species Diversity was the general trend. Expand
Distribution and diversity of copepods in the Mandovi-Zuari estuarine system, Goa
Truly estuarine and estuarine-marine species were the major components of copepods. Neritic and limnetic species were stragglers in this environment and showed fortuitous distribution. MonsoonalExpand
Study on feeding management practices of buffaloes in relationship with selected traits of respondents in Jaipur district of Rajasthan, India.
It was concluded that feeding practices of buffalo farmers in Jaipur district of Rajasthan were significantly different from other parts of the country. Expand
Diel variations in zooplankton and their biochemical composition from Vengurla to Ratnagiri, west coast of India
Diel variations in zooplankton biomass, common groups and proximate composition zooplankton at stations between Vengurla to Ratnagiri, along west coast of India were studied. Higher biomass valuesExpand
Parthenogenetic reproduction of Diaphanosoma celebensis (Crustacea: Cladocera): influence of salinity on feeding, survival, growth and neonate production
The results indicate that D. celebensis is adapted to low saline, estuarine environments and indicates preference for lower salinities. Expand
Characteristics and Genesis of Some Sodic Soils in the Indo-Gangetic Alluvial Plains of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
Sodic soils in the slates of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh forming a pert of the Indo-Gangetic alluvial plain begin to appear on the soilscape surfaces of the Pleistocene age. These soils generallyExpand