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Spectroscopy and electronic structure of electron deficient zinc phthalocyanines.
The effect of introduction of perfluoro alkyl groups into phthalocyanines, as evidenced by the spectroscopic properties of 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octa-fluoro-2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24-octa-perfluoroExpand
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Effects of peripheral substituents and axial ligands on the electronic structure and properties of iron phthalocyanine.
The effects of peripheral substituents and axial ligands on the electronic structure and properties of iron phthalocyanine, H(16)PcFe, have been investigated using a DFT method. Substitution byExpand
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Electronic Structures and Geometries of C60 Anions via Density Functional Calculations
The geometries and electronic structures of C60 and its mono- through hexaanions, all of which have been prepared in macroscopic quantities, are calculated using modern density functional techniques.Expand
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Manganese L-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Manganese Catalase from Lactobacillus plantarum and Mixed Valence Manganese Complexes
The first Mn L-edge absorption spectra of a Mn metalloprotein are presented in this paper. Both reduced and superoxidized Mn catalase have been examined by fluorescence-detected soft X-ray absorptionExpand
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Production, spectroscopy, and electronic structure of soluble fullerene ions
Taking advantage of the well-separated redox potentials of the mono-, di-, and trianions of C{sub 60} and C{sub 70}, their room-temperature-stable, soluble monoanion radicals have been selectivelyExpand
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Electrochromic Switching of Evaporated Thin Films of Bulky, Electronic Deficient Metallo-Phthalocyanines
Thin films of four-coordinated perfluoroalkyl-substituted phthalocyanines were prepared by physical vapor deposition. The electrochemical redox characteristics and simultaneous changes in the opticalExpand
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Long-range solid-state ordering and high geometric distortions induced in phthalocyanines by small fluoroalkyl groups.
Electron-withdrawing alpha-CF(3) groups sterically induce severe geometric distortions and long-range solid-state ordering in protio and catalytically active micro-oxo iron phthalocyanine.
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Characterization of C60 and C70 clusters
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