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A fully redundant decimal adder and its application in parallel decimal multipliers
Decimal hardware arithmetic units have recently regained popularity, as there is now a high demand for high performance decimal arithmetic. We propose a novel method for carry-free addition ofExpand
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Reversible Barrel Shifters
Data shifting is required in many key computer operations from address decoding to computer arithmetic. Full barrel shifters are often on the critical path, which has led most research to be directedExpand
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Fully Redundant Decimal Arithmetic
Hardware implementation of all the basic radix-10 arithmetic operations is evolving as a new trend in the design and implementation of general purpose digital processors. Redundant representation ofExpand
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A Review on Modern Distributed Computing Paradigms: Cloud Computing, Jungle Computing and Fog Computing
The distributed computing attempts to improve performance in large-scale computing problems by resource sharing. Moreover, rising low-cost computing power coupled with advances inExpand
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An efficient design of full adder in quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) technology
The full adder circuit is a basic unit in digital arithmetic and logic circuits. In this paper an improved full adder in QCA technology is proposed. This design is considerably declined in terms ofExpand
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A New Moduli Set for Residue Number System: {rn 2,rn 1,rn}
In this paper a new moduli set {rn -2,rn -1,rn} is introduced where r = 2k + 1 and k= 1,2,3,... . This moduli set includes pair wise relatively prime moduli, so it offers the maximum possible dynamicExpand
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A Family of High Radix Signed Digit Adders
Signed digit (SD) number systems allow for high performance carry-free adders. Maximally redundant SD (MRSD) alternatives provide maximal encoding efficiency among Radix-2^h SD number systems,Expand
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An improved maximally redundant signed digit adder
Signed digit (SD) number systems support digit-parallel carry-free addition, where the sum digits absorb the possible signed carries in {-1,0,1}. Radix-2^h maximally redundant SD (MRSD) numberExpand
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GPU-based NoC simulator
In this paper, we present a design and implementation of a NoC simulator, which was the subject of the MEMOCODE 2011 hardware/software co-design competition. Our design is based on the GPU platformExpand
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Sign-Magnitude Encoding for Efficient VLSI Realization of Decimal Multiplication
  • S. Gorgin, G. Jaberipur
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration…
  • 2017
Decimal X × Y multiplication is a complex operation, where intermediate partial products (IPPs) are commonly selected from a set of precomputed radix-10 X multiples. Some works require only [0, 5] ×Expand
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