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Marble Pieces in the Romanesque Portal of Glory of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. New Data through a Multi-Analytical Approach
ABSTRACT Probably the most important Romanesque artwork in Spain, the Portal of Glory of Santiago de Compostela is essentially made in granite, the most abundant stone in the NW of Iberia, with the
Spa techniques and technologies: from the past to the present
Thermal waters have been used from ancient times. From those early experiences and the consecutive improvements in the understanding and treatment of these waters, all around the world different
Las placas marmóreas de San Pedro de Carcacía (Padrón). Nuevas valoraciones interpretativas a partir de su análisis arqueométrico
Se presenta una revisión analítica de las dos placas marmóreas localizadas en la parroquia de Carcacía (Padrón), expuestas en el Museo de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela. En función del
Shall we go «Ad Aquas»? Putting Roman healing spas on the map = ¿Nos vamos «Ad Aqvas»?: Poniendo los balnearios romanos en el mapa
Bath constructions are today among other monuments one of the better preserved and studied monuments of the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, there remains a significant research gap as to the nature of