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Shift Register Sequences
From the Publisher: Shift register sequences are used in a broad range of applications, particularly in random number generation, multiple access and polling techniques, secure and privacyExpand
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Signal Design for Good Correlation: For Wireless Communication, Cryptography, and Radar
1. General properties of correlation 2. Applications of correlation to the communication of information 3. Finite fields 4. Feedback shift register sequences 5. Randomness measurements andExpand
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HOW TO NUMBER A GRAPH††This research was supported in part by the United States Air Force under Grant AFOSR-68-1555.
Publisher Summary This chapter explains the way of numbering a graph. The problem of numbering a graph is to assign integers to the nodes so as to achieve G(Г). The principal questions which arise inExpand
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Backtrack Programming
A widely used method of efftcient search is examined in detail. This examination provides the opportunity to formulate its scope and methods in their full generality. In addL tion to a generalExpand
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Run-length encodings (Corresp.)
  • S. Golomb
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1 July 1966
explicitly evaluable functions. For example, the M-ary error probability is expressed as a quadrature in Lindsey's equation (17), PE(M) = 1 [I-2 lrn Qi(h, $;) exp (-g) dz] z/d eeL s mExpand
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Generalized Barker sequences
A generalized Barker sequence is a finite sequence \{a_{r}\} of complex numbers having absolute value 1 , and possessing a correlation function C(\tau) satisfying the constraint |C(\tau)| \leq 1,Expand
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A new construction of 64-QAM golay complementary sequences
  • H. Lee, S. Golomb
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • 1 April 2006
In this correspondence, we present a new construction for 64-QAM Golay sequences of length n=2/sup m/ for integer m. The peak envelope power (PEP) of 64-QAM Golay sequences is shown to be bounded byExpand
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Algebraic Constructions for Costas Arrays
  • S. Golomb
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A
  • 1 July 1984
Thus, if ai,,j, = ail,il= ajl,j, = aiJqj4 = 1 in the matrix, we must not have ii2 1 il 3jjL;$) = (i4 4 ,.i, -jd, nor may we have (iz i,,j, -j,)= . ,. . 13 ‘2, 3 Such matri& have been called eitherExpand
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Polyominoes: Puzzles, Patterns, Problems, and Packings
Inspiring popular video games like Tetris while contributing to the study of combinatorial geometry and tiling theory, polyominoes have continued to spark interest ever since their inventor, SolomonExpand
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