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Content addressable memories in scientific instruments
The model presented proved to be a useful tool in dimensioning the instrument store capacity in non-destructive testing of nuclear reactor pressure vessels based on acoustic emission analysis. Expand
Do-it-yourself biology: Action research within the life sciences?
Do-it-yourself biology, or garage biology, is a set of practices through which lay people can practice biotechnology and thus also challenge the exclusive control exercised on biotech R&D by Big Bio.Expand
Rebels or profiteers?
![Figure][1] “Open,” the new black of political controversy, has become ubiquitous in contemporary debates surrounding scientific practices. Just as software activists managed to free informationExpand
Non-stationary evoked response estimation
Abstract A new procedure for evoked response evaluation is presented which uses an estimation of the original response power spectrum to compute an approximation of the optimum linear filter.
Global Benchmarking Practices and the Development of a Progressive Art of Government: the Case of Land Governance
Indicators, benchmarks and rankings are emerging as central technologies of contemporary global governance, which profoundly shape transnational processes by naturalizing normative criteria aboutExpand
A Distributed Strategy for Resource Allocation in Information Networks