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Childhood Abuse and Sexual Revictimization in a Female Navy Recruit Sample
Despite ethnic group differences in the prevalence of victimization, the predictors of rape did not differ significantly across ethnic groups.
Predicting the impact of child sexual abuse on women: the role of abuse severity, parental support, and coping strategies.
Female Navy recruits (N = 5,226) completed surveys assessing history of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), childhood strategies for coping with CSA, childhood parental support, and current psychological
Definitional Issues and Mediating Variables in the Sexual Revictimization of Women Sexually Abused as Children
This study examined the effect of child sexual abuse, defined three different ways, and three definitions of adult sexual assault on revictimization rates. Child definitions varied in the degree of
Predicting the impact of child sexual abuse on women: the role of abuse severity, parental support, and coping strategies.
Abstract : Although the deleterious effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) are well-established, little previous research has examined factors that predict better or worse outcomes in the aftermath
Prevalence of premilitary adult sexual victimization and aggression in a Navy recruit sample.
The results of this study suggest that it may be cost-effective to develop treatment education, and prevention programs for military recruits, and a high percentage of recruits in this study reported histories of sexual assault.
History of Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Fantasies
  • S. Gold
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Violence and Victims
  • 1 January 1991
It was suggested that the sexual fantasies of women with a history of abuse may reflect the sexualizing effect of childhood sexual experiences and that fantasies of the abusive experience may become intrusive.
Two Studies of Females' Sexual Force Fantasies
Two studies were conducted to test the hypothesis that women with sexual fantasies involving force are interested in a more diverse range of sexual stimuli than women without force fantasies. In
A Cross-Validation Study of the Trauma Symptom Checklist
The study examines the responses to the Trauma Symptom Checklist (TSC) of college women (n = 654) sexually abused as children, sexually assaulted as adults, sexually assaulted as children and adults,
Gender Differences in First Sexual Fantasies
Gender differences were examined in self-reported first sexual fantasies. Subjects wrote two of the earliest fantasies they could recall and two current fantasies. Males reported having their first
Gender Roles, Aggression, and Alcohol Use in Dating Relationships
We examined the relationship among gender roles (i.e., hypermasculinity and hyperfemininity), psychological maltreatment, verbal and physical aggression, and alcohol use in dating couples. Fifty‐six